joke: .docx files are acceptable
broke: .odt files are preferred because they're an open standard and can be viewed with a FLOSS program with 100% Compatibility
woke: .odt files aren't good enough because they exclude users who cannot (or don't want to) run libreoffice. plaintext should be used
bespoke: only ASCII characters should be used to maintain compatibility with legacy systems
artichoke: if we move back to pencils and paper, no restrictions can ever apply
new coke: communication is classist

@lynnesbian that was a rollercoaster. I was with you until ascii. Plaintext is the superior format.

@lynnesbian proposal: .zip containing a PDF and its LaTeX source code in a UTF-8 plaintext file.

@lynnesbian Not to break the meme, but MS Office can open ODT these days.

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