you might not have known this, but google - the company you use for searching, email, maps, translation, data storage, watching videos, voice assistant tech, backing up your phone, storing photos, finding images, making purchases, making your phone's operating system, advertising, providing webfonts, running website analytics, providing captcha authentication, and browsing the internet - might be tracking you

this might come as a shock, but google, a company whose primary revenue source is advertising, might be collecting your data

@lynnesbian wtf??? but at least they aren't selling my information to advertisers.


Are you telling me it's possible my google toilet, toothbrush, car and replacement soul could be collecting data on me???

@lynnesbian yes and so are all big companies. and all services that are free. stuff run by the government too. be aware.
Well, I am grown up person and I will not get lost.

So Google track me

I will not get lost. so tracking service is not neccessary.


I used many of #Google services, but I'm in the way to replace them one by one... #GAFAM #Privacy
data storage❌
watching videos⭕
voice assistant tech❌
backing up your phone❌
storing photos❌
finding images❌
making purchases❌
making your phone's operating system⭕
providing webfonts❌
running website analytics❌
providing captcha authentication❌ browsing the internet❌

Yes. Contrary to popular fears about various governments, the bigger risks arise from corporate entities trading and collating data to advance their profit motives. Ultimately the endgame of corporate oligarchs is to ensure social and economic control.

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