hello, fair maiden. i couldn't help but notice that in the background of your latest erotic photograph, your laptop seems to be running micro$oft winblows, a non-free operating system that spies on you and violates your four essential freedoms. i'd like to start this quick explanation of how to rectify your situation with by letting you know that i don't expect any sort of compensation for this. i help people out for free :)

@lynnesbian (scoffs) In a TRUE society you would compensate me in equal measure for the expenditure of my effort to educate you. Good DAY m'lady! (tips trilby angrily, sandals slap the tile of the Starbucks angrily as I storm to my 1997 Geo Metro)

@lynnesbian Shit sorry queen I used "angrily" twice I apologize profusely :(

@lynnesbian actually, im on a mac which is in fact unix! i am already on a free system

@xirnaq @lynnesbian Doesn't macOS use a bunch of proprietary libraries in place of the free versions available in Linux and make them incompatible with said free libraries, so app devs have to explicitly change their stuff to compile & work with them?

@lynnesbian hello, fair maiden. i'm gay and you're pretty :)

@lynnesbian it's easy!! just follow double oh dani at vulpine dot club on masto dot don :blobcat:

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