broke: gender is a static binary
woke: gender is open source
bespoke: gender is open source and licensed under a GPL-compatible license, meaning that corporations cannot write incompatible gender code

le spoke: gender is open source and licensed under the CSL, meaning that capitalistic corporations cannot use gender to profit whatsoever

@lynnesbian i'm like, actually honored u appropriated my joke seed this is great thank u

@Wewereseeds was it you who made the post about gender not being a static binary? i read your post and initially interpreted binary as an executable distributable binary file, and decided to run with that as a shitpost theme

@lynnesbian the GPL allows corporations to modify and use code without sharing it as long as they don't send the binaries to anyone else

the AGPL adds servers to the list of things that count as distributing the code

@lynnesbian gender is WTFPL-licensed assembler code written by some crazy russian

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