american money: cotton paper. dissolves in water. pathenic
australian money: bright and colourful. has a see-through bit. tactile bumps for the vision impaired. waterproof plastic material

who wins? nobody. everybody loses under capitalism

i suppose it's kinda like how venemous animals use bright colours to warn people of their danger

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it feels weird to talk about australia without getting roasted to hell and back so here's a picture of all the coins we have. the $1 is bigger than the $2, and look at that gargantuan 50 cent piece

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many vending machines don't even take 50 cent coins because they're so silly

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i was talking to someone in america and i thought it was weird that they thought sydney was in queensland
then i realised i didn't know where washington was on the map

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@lynnesbian I have heard people call pretty money like the Australian bank notes "monopoly money" and ironically they couldn't be more correct.

So the Australian money is the clear and present danger?

The presence of money indicates poverty after all.

@lynnesbian okay so I thought uk coins were weird but our 50p is basically the same as their 50p. Granted I think it has less sides. But at least our £2 is bigger than our £1 (50p is still bigger than £1 tho and almost if not the same size as the £2)

@lynnesbian we also only JUST started getting plastic money like... VERY LATE 2017

@lynnesbian (and we still have to replace the £20 note, AND eventually the £50 but apparently it's gonna be fucking Thatcher on the £20 or some shite, holy fuck I hate this country sometimes)

@Nine @lynnesbian also a reminder that the plastic £5 and £10 are made of beef

@Nine @lynnesbian ur 50p is a Relueaux heptagon, dont talk shit about our dodecagon

@audrey @lynnesbian i can't talk shit about your dodecagon we turned our pound coins into dodecagons it's fuckin' wild now the £1 is like the little sister to the £2 but instead of being all round like the £2 it's just liek "lol fuck that i can be your ANGLE or UR DEVEL by which i mean check out these angles fucko" and the £2 is like "i mean okay it's not like that's a big deal, you do you, I accept you" and the £1 looks all kinda deflated because it expected a big reaction but it didn't get one

@audrey @lynnesbian look at this punk

like it doesn't even COMMIT to angles it's like the SUGGESTION of angles by that picture and it still looks round as fuck? I promise you those really are angles though, but even if you hold one just looking at it you'll be like "the fuck is this pseudoround shit"

@lynnesbian why do they all have the same picture on them

even America put different pictures on each coin

sometimes we even get cool coins where they put each state on a quarter or each president on a dollar coin

@lynnesbian it _is_ silly, because they could've been designed as a solid of constant width but it wasn't

@kit @lynnesbian Tbh, the entire concept of currency & even capitalism as a whole doesn't make much sense. It makes cents, but not sense. 🤑

@KitsuneAlicia @lynnesbian absolutely agreed there, but just in terms of coins' physical jobs ,, they need to roll

@lynnesbian careful, if a criminal gets hold of that bill serial number, they can use it to go to to find out where it's been

@lynnesbian consider: australia has seven states. America has 50

@audrey @lynnesbian the uK has three states

and cloudy.

oh you mean like ... nation states?. My bad.

@lynnesbian we've got two of them, so you've got a better than usual chance of pointing to a Washington

@lynnesbian i'm not even quite sure which canadian province is which sometimes and i live here arent there two washingtons tho? and they have like more than 10 times the states

@starwall washington DC is somewhere near new york up the top-right of the map
washington state is near the middle


@lynnesbian no but it doesn't matter much unless you're firing any missiles anytime soon

@lynnesbian washington state is the one near British Columbia and it has lumberjacks and Seattle and is always foggy. it is in the upper left side of the mainland. DC is just smackdab on the middle of the east coast where you might imagine North and South are divided

@lynnesbian @starwall "Near" New York is relative. If you're used to 6 hr. commutes, then yes.

@lynnesbian @starwall I wonder if there's some easy mnemonic that Lynne could use to remember which coast the US state named WA is on...

@lynnesbian this looks suspiciously like a uni dorm room

@lynnesbian coins that don't have the Queen on? What is this? America?

@loki they do have the queen on them, just on the flipside, not the front

re: lewd 

@lynnesbian but like, in a nice way. I dont wabt to be mean, I just wanted to say do-dick-agon

aus weather 

at least being roasted to hell for talking about australia beats being roasted to hell by australian weather >.<

@lynnesbian look if you're going to lose at least you can lose with *style* :blobowo:

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