if youd like to learn programming i recommend you start with C, the most low level and obtuse language still in current usage

only then can you master the way of the computer and truly understand what it means to be a central processing unit

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i recommend you install linux from scratch by compiling the krenel. if you install linux in any other way i will break into your house and gut you like a fish. you are personally dragging linux down to the level of the fucking knuckledragging neanderthal troglodyte windows users

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oh you use windows, the most popular desktop operating system in existence by far? allow me to insult your intelligence for five paragraphs before scolding you for daring to access the internet on a non-free machine and finally blessing you with the knowledge of kernel dot org

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well well well. i thought i could trust you. one week ago i gave you linux mint. but you still decide to use this instead of ascending to a real distribution, like gentoo or LFS. do you enjoy bloat? do you enjoy your computer not running at full speed with the power of -O3 and -funroll-loops

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you come into my house and you dare to ask me if we can play mario kart on my nintendo switch when in reality i have actually installed netBSD on my switch. you cannot play any games except zork

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you tell your mother you love her and yet you buy her a non-free android pixel device. the contradiction is astounding. the electronic frontier foundation has a little tip for people like you: die in hell forever

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there is no use for windows in the modern day at age. none. zip. nada. if you tell me any uses you are a lying turd and i never want to hear from you or see you again. enterprise software does not exist

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if you have ever used non-free software you are a literal skidmark on the toilet bowel of humanity. if you see a non-free video game or program that you would like to use you should write your own free version. i despise fun and all those who celebrate it

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i have been kicked out of six schools for liberating the library computers with trisquel GNU+linux and i would happily do it again

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sure, misogyny and racism are bad. but do you know what's worse. when i go to my grandparent's house i have to use microsoft windows

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i look down on anyone who has ever used non-free code in the same way i look down on a spider that i've just stepped on as it scrambles for dear life and tries to pick its decrepit body up off the ground. you are a pathetic insectoid struggling to exist in an uncaring world and i am a god with the power to eradicate your from the internet in a snap

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i wear an oxygen mask every time i go outside to ensure that i don't have to breathe the same air as users of non-free software. i am of the belief that their pathetic waxy-smooth brains are infected with a virus that makes them incapable of experience the orgasmic euphoria of linux

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@lynnesbian I literally dated someone like this for 2.5 years

@lynnesbian I was like *~*mom, I know he seems mean but he’s just SO much smarter than me and trying to protect me uwu *~*

@Torie oh jeez i know it was probably ages ago and you've probably gotten over it but i'm so sorry

@lynnesbian But is your mask's license licensed under the GPL? :star_eyes:

@lynnesbian I actually installed and maintained linux in basically all the networked computers, they liked it.

@lynnesbian hahaha fuck, trisquel? god damn.

digging deep here lynne

@lynnesbian anticheats(other than VAC, PB, whatever the Blizzard uses) and additional problems with wine doesn't exists either

@Skoll3 wine is literally flawless and in the extensive benchmark of one game i ran, wine actually performs better

@lynnesbian enterprise software actually doesn't exist tho :blobcatsip:

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