if any one doesn't know how to make a psot on mastodon i made a tutorial :)

honestly you only need to watch the first ~15 seconds of this and the entire joke is there

@lynnesbian did you actually do this in unregistered hypercam 2 or is this a downscale?

@cdmnky i added the hypercam 2 logo with kdenlive, recorded in 1024x768, then used ffmpeg to export it at 800x600 with crf 10

@lynnesbian huh

i have no idea how to video edit lol, but it sounds neat

@cdmnky basically
i used my video editor to overlay the hypercam 2 logo
i recorded it a higher resolution, then downscaled it to 800x600 and severely lowered the quality

@lynnesbian I assumed this was going to be a Gnomed video, but i watched it anyway?

@lynnesbian the part where you consider opening outlook express instead of firefox.. art

@format that was an accident because i paused to look for firefox but i'm gla dyou liked it

@lynnesbian is it weird that I've only ever heard that song in parodies of screencasts

@lynnesbian wow a whole lot of memories just came flooding back

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