i wish the SJWs would hurry up and .
make all the video games gay and trans already

queermisia discussion 

@lynnesbian tbh the bigots are going to make all the video games gay and trans by making shitty queermisisc jokes and then us reclaiming them

mario is even transer than it was cos green mario is a girl now, nintendo tried to mock her for not getting crown-based HRT but shes ours now

re: queermisia discussion 

@lynnesbian im literally playing as her right now, im so proud of lucina :blobhearttranscat:


Aww fuck that was today? I forgot my social justice axe in the social battle wagon.

@lynnesbian cappy supermarioodyssey is a trans lesbian and my friend


[looks at recently played games]

- Undertale
- Guild Wars 2
- Celeste

Wait, did it not happen already?

I mean, heck, the only reason I bought the last one was that I liked the composer, who is a trans lesbian.

@lynnesbian please do not rush me I still have 3 semesters of Game Design course ahead of me

@lynnesbian Trans Theft Auto. Gaylo. I can’t think of more puns

I want every Charakter asexual with the midset of todd (Bojack Horseman)

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