windows NT 4
windows 2000 (NT kernel version 5)
windows XP (NT 5.1)
windows vista (NT 6.0)
windows 7 (NT 6.1)
windows 8 (NT 6.2)
windows 8.1 (NT 6.3)
windows 10 (NT 10)

fuck you microsoft

people were asking "why did they skip windows 9" when they should have said "where the fuck did NT kernel versions 7 through 9 go"

However, for application compatibility reasons, Microsoft kept the major version number as 6 in releases following Vista,[42] but changed it later to 10 in Windows 10.[36]

burn microsoft to the ground

pretty much every weird shitty backwards feature windows has can be explained with "However, for application compatibility reasons,"

except for registry folders being called hives. that one's not because of application compatibility. that's because a windows dev wanted to be a dick to another dev who had a fear of bees.

long post about android version history, probably bad for screen readers 

new in android 5: SELinux, ART replaces dalvik (this is huge), material design UI, multiple user accounts, redesigned notifications, fifteen new languages, customisable notification priorities,
new in android 6: doze. fingerprint scanner support. Renamed "Priority" mode to "Do Not Disturb" mode. app draw is vertical instead of horizontal.

why the FUCK is there such a huge difference betwen 4 and 5 but barely anything between 5 and 6. why did they just decide "nahhh minor versions are for fucking nerds" and constantly push new major versions

aaaaaaahahaha marshmallow is still the most popular android release. that's android SIX. we're up to nine now. the most popular android version is one that's three major releases behind. it was released october 2015 holy fucking SHIT

ONE POINT EIGHT THREE PERCENT MARKET SHARE BABEYYYYYYYY but hey thats not so bad for an operating system released on >>>>>>>>>>AUGUST SIXTH TWO THOUSAND AND FUCKING EIGHTEEN<<<<<<<<<<

it's been out for nearly half a year and ONE POINT EIGHT THREE PERCENT of users are running it


meanwhile in walled garden hell they have nearly three quarters of their users on the latest version

and yeah i know it's because AT&T/verizon/telstra/etc. take way too long to update but that's still partially google's fault for letting them take so goddamned long
google has strict rules on what you are and aren't allowed to do with android. why is there NOTHING about updates

when windows is beating you in terms of *ANYTHING* you have fucked up very badly


phones are cancelled. all of them. not just iOS/android. the entire concept of a phone is cancelled. rip up all the cables. shoot down the satellites. its over. we had our chance and we blew it

@breakfastgolem you can download your toots to your palm pilot, favourite/reply/boost them offline, then connect them to your computer via the data cable and synchronise your toots

@lynnesbian i'm a mobile dev and i support this please get me out of this hellscape

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