if i unzip a file and it contains __MACOSX i immediately delete the zip, the unzipped folder, and i blacklist the website it came from in /etc/hosts

if i lend a USB stick to a friend and they give it back with .DS_Store and ._file.txt files all over it i never talk to them again

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@lynnesbian protip: format your USB drives as zfs pools. Then no OSX scum or winoobs can use them.

@Vqrxtvs @lynnesbian joke's on you – i use mac AND freebsd (and some debian and windows)

@lanodan @lynnesbian I googled it but only after I posted... I stand by my toot.

@lynnesbian Well, aren't you special? I do know enough to configure Macs to not store dotfiles on USB media, or at least would clean up a USB drive before unmounting it, as only Finder tends to create .DS_Store files.

._ files, or resource forks on non-fork-supporting filesystems, can also be deleted from the Terminal before unmounting/ejecting.

As for the ZIP creation, that's just lazy using Finder or the ditto command to create ZIPs, and it really only matters if you're packing up Mac files.

@lynnesbian And yes, it does sort of irk me when I see macOS artifacts in ZIP files or on drive images, but I just know that not every one of the sub-10% of the population on Macs has the knowhow to make sure their published archives or disks don't contain dotfile-pollution.

@lynnesbian I try to use Terminal zip tools like 7zip to pack up cross platform crap if I need to package from a Mac anyway, and that doesn't package up resource forks.

Oh, and I see you're joking, and I'm taking this entirely too seriously. :P

Seriously, though, I don't really use my last remaining personally owned Mac that much any more, unless I need to build some Mac app for someone, or need to package an iOS thing for myself or someone else. I'm mostly on Linux these days.

@lynnesbian *cut to folder full of .ice.config.cracked.contents files

@lynnesbian folder full of .aux, .toc, and other latex auxillary files

@lynnesbian Even if I’m using Linux and rename my file .DS_Store as a “joke”?

@lynnesbian if a lecturer sends me a github repo with a .DS_Store should I drop out?

@lynnesbian how about a shadow copy of every single file called filename.ext~

TODO: gentoo’s portage hook on unpacking and send an email to the maintainer when there is such a thing.

(actually no, would be spam)
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