frankly katherine the statement that you brought "free cupcakes" is misleading at best and malicious at worst. if i cannot readily access the recipe for your cupcakes then what you have is a plate of *gratis*, but not *libre*, cupcakes. would you call iOS "free software" because it comes with your phone? no, katherine. because you're better than that.

Actually what you've been calling "cupcakes" is more accurately "GNU plus cupcakes" or as I've been calling it "GNU/Cupcakes"

@lynnesbian how can I enjoy a cupcake that doesn't respect my freedom? am I being supplied with all the information and tools I need to audit and improve the recipe?

@lynnesbian literally snortlaughed imagining someone saying this

@lynnesbian I don't eat anything that I can't get the source code from and compile from scratch. soda? get that closed source shit away from me. cake? you better not be using that closed source "betty crocker" guff, that better be free open source mix you're using. store-bought? hah. now excuse me while i compile my free open source lunch. enjoy your exploit-ridden, "closed-source" meals.
@io @lynnesbian
Me: *guzzling gallons of open source cola*
My nutritionist: "Uh, Frinkel, you really should drink something else..."
Me: *stops for a second* "Invent open source drinkable water, then we'll talk."
My nutritionist: "But... wha... I give up."


"Hey everyone I brought libre cupcakes! Here's the recip..."

*everyone slams cupcakes into their mouths, then a few minutes later collapse and die*

"That's strange. I did list poison in the recipe *and* the cake has a big red warning underneath the frosting..."

@lynnesbian you post a lot of awesome toots but this one is especially excellent

@lynnesbian I mean I laughed, but I think this analogy puts me on the side of the heckler here, imagine refusing to tell someone if an ingredient they were allergic to was included in a cupcake (or other ingredient-related things like if they were vegan or not). Dick move, Katherine, dick move.

Now of course, the recipe itself would be great, but that's really just . . .

. . . the icing on the cupcake (I'm sorry)

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