feelin those "everyone hates it when you talk about your passions" vibes again 😎

maybe i should just shut up and work on the fucking bots

guess it's my own fault for caring so much about software freedom haha

what kind of fucking child nerd crap is that, who the fuck gives a shit about whether or not you actually know what your computer is doing and have control over it, paying for a computer with advertisements is acceptable and we shouldn't fight it because things just work like that and that's the system and that's how things are and just shut up and accept things for how they are you self-righteous cunt

honestly the complaining and mocking and subtooting and being told to shut up is really getting to me. this behaviour feels downright toxic honestly. is it really that bad that i talk about this stuff, like... once a week? on my personal microblog? i'm sorry. fuck

...why am i even hosting all these fucking bots if everyone's gonna treat me like shit once i start talking about computers... like... fuck, this is a huge part of who i am, and having everyone mock me for it is devestating


forking AGPLv3 to add a license clause that prohibits anyone using my code from being a dick to me about things i enjoy

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it's so jarring seeing so many subtoots and pissed off people in my mentions and then as soon as i make a post like this i get a whole different group of people telling me they appreciate what i say.

having my code window open struggling to get started on electrobooks

on one hand i really wanna make this, i want to learn this new framework and i want to make an improved version of the ebooks bots
on the other hand, people are being dicks to me about the work i do, and this is a huge effort


ok i've decided i'm gonna work on electrobooks
this is gonna be a Big Project and honestly i'm so psyched to work on it

there's so much to do and i hope i can manage it

@lynnesbian I do not know your work because I've been following you for like 15 minutes, but if you like it then do it 😀 (I like nerds!)

Sounds like a good time to take a break for tea (or whatever you use to relax, not necessarily a drink, could be petting a pet for a while or going outside)

@lynnesbian i don't use your bots but i want you know know i appreciate the work you do for the community! it doesn't go unappreciated

Bit of a stark divide, eh? Those that complain and those that only speak up to counter them. I'm often part of the latter group, but now and then I find the energy to be part of the third group that speaks up in a positive way without needing a negative to counter.

@lynnesbian wow, I'm so sorry! I will try to speak up more when you're going if about computers. It makes me excited to see such a passionate Linux user

@baronnarcveldt oh no you don't have to do that, i'm just commenting on how it seems like everyone hates it when i do this and then it turns out that not everyone does

@lynnesbian fair enough. I really enjoy you though. Your a big part of this community, not just for your bots

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