homophibia, nintendo 

reminder: nintendo released "tomodachi life", a life simulation game, and specifically avoided allowing same-sex marriage or even love. when a bug was found that allowed male characters to enter romantic relationships, they patched it out.

re: homophibia, nintendo 

@lynnesbian reminder: lynne stole this entire post from a zero punctuation video that I sent her yesterday

re: homophobia, nintendo 

@lynnesbian ok apparently I somehow posted the wrong video???

For some reason, Chrome still insists that tomodachi life is the URL I posted in the toot yesterday.

Here's the correct video:

re: homophobia, nintendo 

@ben i can't watch it since i'm in the car :c

i just made the post because i was about to play it while my girlfriend watched and then i was like "...oh yeah."

re: homophobia, nintendo 

@lynnesbian it ends with "Apparently I'm the only person in Brisbane who bases their purchases on homophobia."

homophibia, nintendo 

Reminder: everything else nintendo has done its all queermisic

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