me: windows is terrible and you should never use it
people who use windows: haha yeah *boost*

its just that, if I dont have windows, how will I complain about my computer being in three languages at the same time

@lynnesbian hey cortana boost that toot no wait fuck don't type thi

Posted on my Windows®10® pc, get Windows here! #windows10 #postedfromwindows

ha ha, yeah

> pirate windows from dubious Ukrainian source
> download keygen from dubious Chinese source
> installer crashes
> have to nurse it through the process
> doesn't work right
> keygen installs virus
> try to remove it with pirated antivirus demo
> crashes
> manage to kick it into shape
> it crashes every other day
> "god damn it windows is a piece of shit, why do people pay for this"

@Nikolai_Kingsley @lynnesbian I keep a dual boot setup, but I’m about to remove a VM from my Windows partition and shrink that volume by about 160GB, and rehome the VM on an ext4 partition on that same drive. Yeah, I’m mostly on Arch these days, but keep Windows for $reasons.

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