@lynnesbian and Chrome and Safari both originate with WebKit...

@lynnesbian Edge: I do literally one good thing and that's create an actual virtualized window completely isolated from the host system without having to set up an entire virtual machine to do so

me: neat, will you be able to do that after you switch to blink?

edge: lolno

@Liophu @lynnesbian Chrome uses Blink, which is fork of WebKit. Safari uses WebKit, not Blink.

@lynnesbian Don’t forget GNOME Web and Konqueror which are both Safari and that Google Chrome is just Safari++.

@lynnesbian @slightlyflightyone (Konqueror is where this all *started*, because KHTML was actually easier to re-use, despite being for a weirdo Linux-only browser, than Mozilla's Gecko, so Apple---never one to actually write anything themselves---begrudgingly used an LGPL'd browser engine to power Safari. History might have been very different had Mozilla ever at any point made Gecko actually usable by anyone other than themselves.)

@slightlyflightyone @lynnesbian Safari is just Konqueror with a bad skin atop it that's somehow even less well maintained :D

@slightlyflightyone @lynnesbian I remember years ago when I was fiddling around with an OSX install, it was the release right after Apple transitioned from brushed metal to Aqua as their theme, and I was quite tickled that I could easily compile and run Konqueror on that, and that Konqueror automatically adopted the Aqua theme . . . while Safari had yet to be updated by Apple and so looked like some cheapass third-party browser, lol

@lynnesbian I liked edge on my low end laptop but I guess it's not gonna be the case anymore lol

@lynnesbian Konqueror (last version 4 years ago) is KHTML, which was forked to make WebKit (Safari). Epiphany and Midori are both WebKit. Pale Moon uses a fork of Gecko (Firefox) and calls it Goanna as of version 26.

@lynnesbian if your so smart,,, make you're OWN browser!!!!!!!

not saying that Linux is anti-feminism but the most important command in it is "man"

@buffaloser *lying bloodied on the floor, several limbs broken, breathing shakily* p-please... leave linux alone...

@lynnesbian Thank You For Actively Supporting The Patriarchy, Lynne

@buffaloser no... m-my Linux Idols... stallman (male)... torvalds (male)... raymond (male)... how could they betray me

@buffaloser first off, it's GNU/Linux, and I believe the command you are referring to is called "info"

@lunaterra oh, sorry, I see you're unfamiliar with non GNU-versions of Linux, AKA "True Linux":

Many Linux distributions use the word "Linux" in their name, but the Free Software Foundation uses the name GNU/Linux to emphasize the importance of GNU software, causing some controversy.

@buffaloser @lunaterra ok. Everyone knows that by now. Get muted kiddo.
Beaker browser Is indeed interesting. Still chrome :angery:

@lunaterra @buffaloser Why are you calling yourself GNU/Girl? It's like me calling myself Bear/Man. It's nonsensical, unneccessary... and now I wanna call myself that.

@buffaloser hey but how about a browser that's decentralized and ONLY supports markdown


If someone is willing to pay me about £70k per year to sit at home and write a new browser from scratch over a period of about three years and allow the code to be released into the Public Domain (non of that copyright/left bullshit) then I'd be very happy to do so :)


@PrisonHipster @lynnesbian

No it's a totally different engine written from scratch in C.


replace all the "chrome" and "safari" with Konqueror and all the "firefox" with Netscape

@lynnesbian chrome Firefox or safari is a huge choice /s

@lynnesbian If you wanted to get really technical to add more, you could rewrite that as Safari (WebKit); Midori (WebKit).

@lynnesbian ehhhhh to be fair Tor is all about being "Firefox with Tor" so, it's not pretending to be a different browser like the rest of them.

@polychrome @lynnesbian Also managing to upstream their privacy features back into Firefox, slowly, which is hella cool :3

@lynnesbian "one ring to rule them all" -- that worked out well!

@lynnesbian i love how the cost of building a new browser engine is so fricking high that only large companies can afford it, it sure makes the #web such a great open platform, i really just... ~love~... it </snark>

@lynnesbian *voice of someone with a huge brain, that has sprouted homunculi that are playing chess against itself*: W3M


>not using WGET and cURL to browse the we

@lynnesbian Stop mixing the chrome product with the browser engine please.

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