all the replies like "but what about [obscure browser]" are missing the point -- these are the most popular browsers in the world. the top eight browsers are all based on three browsers.

you can also be pedantic and say that chrome is also safari, because it was forked from webkit five years ago. you can trace webkit back to KHTML, too, and you can also trace firefox back to netscape, but those distinctions aren't useful for this image. there's a massive difference between chromium and safari.

@lynnesbian and Chrome and Safari both originate with WebKit...

@lynnesbian Edge: I do literally one good thing and that's create an actual virtualized window completely isolated from the host system without having to set up an entire virtual machine to do so

me: neat, will you be able to do that after you switch to blink?

edge: lolno

@lynnesbian if your so smart,,, make you're OWN browser!!!!!!!

not saying that Linux is anti-feminism but the most important command in it is "man"

@buffaloser *lying bloodied on the floor, several limbs broken, breathing shakily* p-please... leave linux alone...

@lynnesbian Thank You For Actively Supporting The Patriarchy, Lynne

@buffaloser no... m-my Linux Idols... stallman (male)... torvalds (male)... raymond (male)... how could they betray me

@buffaloser first off, it's GNU/Linux, and I believe the command you are referring to is called "info"

@lunaterra oh, sorry, I see you're unfamiliar with non GNU-versions of Linux, AKA "True Linux":

Many Linux distributions use the word "Linux" in their name, but the Free Software Foundation uses the name GNU/Linux to emphasize the importance of GNU software, causing some controversy.

@buffaloser @lunaterra ok. Everyone knows that by now. Get muted kiddo.
Beaker browser Is indeed interesting. Still chrome :angery:

@buffaloser hey but how about a browser that's decentralized and ONLY supports markdown


replace all the "chrome" and "safari" with Konqueror and all the "firefox" with Netscape

@lynnesbian If you wanted to get really technical to add more, you could rewrite that as Safari (WebKit); Midori (WebKit).

@lynnesbian ehhhhh to be fair Tor is all about being "Firefox with Tor" so, it's not pretending to be a different browser like the rest of them.

@polychrome @lynnesbian Also managing to upstream their privacy features back into Firefox, slowly, which is hella cool :3

@lynnesbian "one ring to rule them all" -- that worked out well!

@lynnesbian i love how the cost of building a new browser engine is so fricking high that only large companies can afford it, it sure makes the #web such a great open platform, i really just... ~love~... it </snark>

@lynnesbian *voice of someone with a huge brain, that has sprouted homunculi that are playing chess against itself*: W3M

@lynnesbian Stop mixing the chrome product with the browser engine please.


I'm now using Brave ... and I'm generally quite happy with it apart from the way it's opening pdf files (it drops the url which is not always appreciable)

#Brave #browser #ilo_intenetu

@lynnesbian Dang I forgot Vivaldi is based on Chrome. I may have to use Dooble more then.

@lynnesbian Payback for everyone dismissing Konqueror back in the day. From hell's heart KHTML stabs at thee!

@lynnesbian There are a bunch of webkit-based browsers too, if you're willing to go off-road. is working on some stuff, not sure how far along we can think that is.

@lynnesbian tech pedants have never met a point they couldn’t miss

tbf my lynx mention was a shitpost, and for the sake of my sanity I'm trying to be ignorant of the fact that we're pretty much running headfirst into a Google monopoly of the internet and there's very little I can do about it beyond supporting either Mozilla (which is certainly better in terms of power, but isn't exactly tiny) or freaking Apple.

@lynnesbian I don't care about the diversity of browser engines because the ones we have are actually pretty good, but we need to actually fucking get Google to follow standards and not just force in whatever they want.

@abby when you allow google to have control over 90% of the market share they start doing evil shit, like breaking ublock:

and uploading your browser history when you sign in to gmail/youtube/other google services:

and, of course, spying on you:

if chrome is the only option, this will only get worse. you need only look to windows 10 to see what happens when a tech company is sure of their monopoly.

@lynnesbian but having more options doesn't make things better, it just makes everything a clusterfuck

@abby i don't see how having opera using presto rather than chromium would be a clusterfuck

@abby @lynnesbian having more options means having alternatives to google's evil shit so

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