when you criticise the american government and the network access light on your internet toaster starts blinking rapidly


when you say "maybe i'll vote independent" too loudly and all the doors and windows on your smart home lock and the oven door opens and starts heating the house to 300°C

when you say "communism sounds pretty nice" out loud while using your windows PC and a command prompt window appears for a split second and disappears as your hard drive starts whirring loudly

when you say the word "praxis" out loud and your amazon alexa says "i didn't quite catch that. do you mind repeating it?"

when you're in your self-driving smart car talking to your liberal friend about the concept of classism and the car pulls over, locks the doors, and notifies you how long it will take for you to die of dehydration

A different kind of Praxis (or maybe the same?) 

@lynnesbian When you sing Queen's "I want to break free" your landline phone rings. And you don't have a landline phone. #creepy


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