i like how smartphones looked at the concept of package managers, which are (imo) the best way of installing software, and proceeded to fuck it up royally with app stores

all those calming blue colours. twitter, facebook, tumblr, skype... so many websites that work to capture your attention as much as possible use blue because it's a calm, sedating colour

...masto does too

@lynnesbian my Chromebook has access to:

- Chrome Web Store
- Google Play Store
- apt

without installing a single third party program

@ben sounds like they've really turned it around from how crappy it used to be

@lynnesbian programs installed via apt still can't use GPU acceleration or audio but that's still miles ahead of where LXSS is.

@lynnesbian @a_breakin_glass ProGet already supports Chocolatey, but check out what I added for the next version:

@lynnesbian i wish package managers were commonplace and good with no ironic twist caused by this monkey's paw

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