calling the entire fediverse "mastodon" is good because it normalises one particular platform above all others and makes users of other software feel like they're abnormal and not part of the main platform

calling fedi "this site" is good because it confuses new users and helps spread the idea that the fediverse is mastodon and mastodon is a single website and that website is

:blobcattilt: smartphone, OS, web browser, search engine
:blobcatfingerguns: iphone, windows, chrome, google

:brain1: saying "web browser"
:brain2: saying "google chrome"
:brain3: just saying "chrome"
:brain4: refering to all browsers as "apple chrome", "mozilla chrome", etc

just be happy that i don't tell you to call it "this particular section of the fediverse's activitypub/ostatus world"

imagine how obnoxious it would be if people said "just bing it" or "duckduckgo it" instead of "google it". google has become ingrained in our language and i am NOT happy about it

comatose: calling the fediverse the fediverse
tired: calling the fediverse mastodon
wired: calling the fediverse pleroma
inspired: calling the fediverse kroeg
hired: calling the fediverse osada


*actually didn't understand the difference; for the reasons listed above*

@lynnesbian Google doesn't like being a verb

because if you say "google it on bunbungo" you're doing two things:

1. damaging Google's ability to maintain control of their trademark
2. telling people to use a different search engine

@lynnesbian another example: "photoshop" (common noun) is something Adobe really does not like because they can be made by GIMP.

@lynnesbian so in conclusion, *do* use corporate trademarks as verbs because they hate it.

@lynnesbian that's also good if you want to make companies mad at you, but then you're telling people to use Google and reminding them that Bing exists so that's two bad things

@demonsthenes13 @lynnesbian This One Weird Trick Makes Giant Multinational Corporations Really Mad

English not only beats up others languages in dark alleys digging through the pockets for loose grammar...but hoists its bullying ways into the copyright infringement market like a baws :blobcatcoffee:

@lynnesbian yup i agree :blobcatrainbow: totally didnt do this an hour ago :blobcatrainbow: nope not me :blobcatrainbow:

@lynnesbian The term is Duck Tape™d to the very Linoleum™ of our society’s foundations. Time to grab a Kleenex™ to wipe our tears and move on.

@lynnesbian Google is actually pretty unhappy about it too, they don't want to get genericized.

Also as a linguist I am diametrically opposed with this entire conversation, linguistic prescriptivism is bad no matter how well-intentioned it is c:<

(unless the actual content of what they're saying is hurtful, then obv they're bad and should be informed as such. you know what I mean, I'm just trying to stop the pedantic response before it starts c:)

@jacethechicken i'm like 75% descriptivist but i want to avoid the commercialisation of language because it leads to people thinking of google as the one and only search engine

@lynnesbian Google is baked into our language at this point, you don't have to like it but soapboxing won't change it. It's most likely to just make people roll their eyes, like a retired English teacher telling everyone to stop ending sentences with a preposition.

not that I'm saying it's a good thing Google is baked into our language -- its probably not. But it's there, and language doesn't change backwards. Nobody ever succeeds in reversing linguistic evolution.

@lynnesbian that was forward evolution -- Colour was the original, Color was what it changed to over time.

"Just Google it" is a new development, a change from how we used to speak, and you're suggesting we roll it back.

@jacethechicken more importantly, referring to all search engines as google is just wrong
like... a search engine isn't google. google is google.

@lynnesbian the way people speak can't be "wrong."

(unless it's actively hurtful to someone, I'm not saying racist/sexist/homophobic language isn't wrong, etc. etc.)

@lynnesbian but if everyone calls a dog a cat, then maybe the word dog has evolved to encompass multiple animals

@lynnesbian @jacethechicken

It's literally like how the definition of Literally was expanded to include "Figuritively, but hyperbolic"

@jacethechicken i guess...

i just don't want google to become a standard word that people use because it's the name of one of the biggest companies in the world and i really don't want to have its global dominance drilled in to me daily

the way people speak affects the way they think and when people think of all search engines as "google" it makes them think differently about google, consciously or no

i realise that i'm not a linguist and this is just my uneducated take but im still upset about it

@lynnesbian I get *why* you're upset; I'm just saying that the way language changes is a complex net of social interactions over lifetimes -- and observing this change is literally the field of linguistics -- and trying to just *tell* people to undo a change is like standing in a river and trying to stop the water.

@jacethechicken i know it's pointless and there's nothing i can do about it but i just want to make it known that i don't like it

@lynnesbian well, if you know your soapboxing won't work, and you know people generally don't much enjoy being soapboxed at. . . ?

(sorry, you can keep doing you and it's :valid: , I'm just being a pest)

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@lynnesbian @jacethechicken I miss the days when google just referred to the largest number in our mathematical frame of reference.

@lynnesbian @jacethechicken I call Jeffy my little lamb and I'm very correct and it's good to do

@jacethechicken @lynnesbian the point is lingual evolution is not only good but it's valid and things like "literally" being used to mean "virtually"is just something that Happens and it's how dialects and new languages are formed

@lynnesbian @jacethechicken gonna briefly pop out of my cave to say bandaid, kleenex and xerox. if we keep going at this pace the brand-littered language of cheesy fictional post-apocalyptic dystopias is a LOCK

@lynnesbian @jacethechicken just bc we understand language evolves doesn’t mean we have to McLove it

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