reminder: the four most powerful mobile CPUs in the world are made by and for apple's exclusive usage in their phones

if you want the world's most advanced mobile CPU you're stuck with The World's Most Advanced Mobile Operating System

reminder: other phones did the notch before the iphone and they were rightfully laughed at. then the iphone did it and it became widely popular

reminder: everybody knows that apple intentionally slows down their old phones to coincide with the release of the newer ones. they even admitted it:

nothing happened, they didn't stop doing it, but they *did* offer a $29 battery replacement for affected phones c:

reminder: apple was the first important company with the courage to drop the headphone jack. now that they've done it, everyone is doing it, and this >200 year old standard is dying thanks to them

reminder: if you try to screenshot a movie purchased with itunes on a macOS or iOS device, it won't work. this is presumably to prevent you from taking 24 screenshots per second and stitching them back together into the full movie, because why else would you prevent people from doing this


reminder: it's against the EULA to install macOS on "non-Apple branded hardware". this means that if you want to test your mac app on a mac, you have no choice but to buy a new laptop or computer

reminder: apple surpassed $1,000,000,000,000 in value about half a year ago. that's one trillion dollars.

mfw so far only two people have defended apple in this thread

mfw i remember that we're not supposed to do chan culture here

@lynnesbian Reminder: Beats headphones are really Apple headphones with a different logo now

@lynnesbian we're living in 2019 and these people are living in 2439 and trying to curry favour with the Ferengi

@lynnesbian wait, is it confirmed that newer versions of ios slow down older iphones on Purpose, or do newer versions of ios just do more and therefore need better hardware to work?

the former would not be surprising but that article doesn't make it clear

@00dani it's the former. apple admitted themselves that they intentionally slow down their devices to coincide with the new ones

@lynnesbian i said it wouldn't surprise me but. what the wtf the fuck

@00dani they justified it with some bs about older phones' batteries going crappy so to extend battery life they underclock the phones.

if that was a real concern they could have just popped up a notice saying "your battery is dying, you can improve battery life by replacing it, have a nice day" but this is apple we're talking about

i mean honestly if it was an opt-in toggle switch i would personally use it but just forcing it on users is literally BS

That meaningless bar chart is a thing Amazon does too. Not in keynotes. In meetings with publishing houses whose books they sell.

They say to publishers, "This is how well your books are selling," and show them a bar graph with no numbers. Nothing. No information. The publishing house just has to trust that whatever ridiculous amount they pay to Amazon is worth it.

@lynnesbian Introducing the Apple I Borg assimilating everything except for products produced by Adobe.

@Expat1975 the culture and posting style of the various *chan sites, e.g. 4chan/8chan

@lynnesbian @Expat1975

that reminds me a little of posting a message on 4chan that has a paragraph break in the middle, and being accused of being a Redditor.

oh, shi, this is in the style of a various chan... i'm in trouble now.

@lynnesbian >tfw the chan just leaks out n you just post through it


i'd love to be in a position to defend apple, but at best i've only ever made around $53k, so i can't afford to

@lynnesbian I watch Louis Rossmann, you won't find me defending them! XD

@radicalrobit i mostly talked about meme reasons rather than the big main problems but thank you :blobcatuwu:

@dirt this toot was fantastic, dirt. what's your paypal? i know it's free but i'd like to pay you for it

@lynnesbian a healthy markup is what allowed me to be such a good poster to begin with

@lynnesbian I'm still able to use Discord on a Samsung Galaxy S2 and upgrade it to Nougat with LineageOS while my iPod touch 5g doesn't even let me install firefox due to the older iOS version

@FimbulFlower my apologies for criticising the largest and most powerful corporation in the world

@lynnesbian it's all true. Apple is a horrible corporation and they're ruining everything not just because they do completely awful things because every other company follows what Apple does slavishly. Like the lemmings of myth, if Apple walks off a cliff so will Samsung etc.

@FimbulFlower the thing is though, samsung is one of the few companies that *hasn't* been blindly following apple recently. when apple introduced the notch and removed the headphone jack, samsung didn't copy them, while many other manufactureres did

@lynnesbian ah fair enough. I don't like samsung tho because they seem like another apple.

It was motorola that did this tho. The apple fetish is real.

@FimbulFlower @lynnesbian I like how they took the iPhone X and subtly destroyed the reason it has a notch in the first place - to give you that "bezel-free experience" by adding branded bezel.

I guess they did it to avoid copying the design ALL the way but like, why stop at 99.7%.

@lynnesbian @FimbulFlower ... and this is exactly why I bought a Note 9 instead of going back to an iPhone.

I never liked the iPhone just on principle, but in 2016 I forced myself to carry a 6S+ for a year just so I could quantify why I'd dislike it. I won't be carrying Apple's new products in my pocket OR in my backpack.

I am still unable to forgive Apple for rebranding the LCII line as Performa and me buying one of those crapboxen. I came to hate that hunk of junk.

@sum_random @lynnesbian Apple hobbled the LC and LC II with some questionable hardware design faults. On LC, you could fit something like 12MB RAM, but only 10MB was recognized.

Not until the LC475 did Apple right the wrongs in the LC line.

@lynnesbian Imagine having 17% of the world's total population in *actively used* products (in other words, there are even more, but these are just the ones that are in use regularly)

@lynnesbian it’s dropped down to around $780bn now because investors are getting the jitters.

Smartphones are now so expensive (and without new killer features) that Western consumers are holding onto them for longer or buying second hand. The Chinese economy is also slowing down, so demand in emerging markets isn’t what it used to be either.

@lynnesbian oh how about how they have 285 billion dollars IN CASH.

Cash. Like if they need to buy Denmark and don't wanna have to wait.

@June @lynnesbian for that kind of money they could buy Tesla and SpaceX, then cover the liability of firing Elon Musk into low Earth orbit inside one of his cars without breathing apparatus.

@lynnesbian actually, to give the devil their due, there is actually an alternate; you can rent out a Mac over the net to use for app testing, programming and the like.

So it's doable, it's just kinda frustrating.

@a_breakin_glass @lynnesbian I submit my "working" Hackintosh as proof of this

(yes, the same one that I can machine-check at will just by switching the monitor off, then switching it back on. That crashes macOS! Hooray!)

@nifker i'm sure you'll get in trouble if you try to publish macOS apps using a EULA-violating macOS install

if they find out that is

@lynnesbian you're also not allowed to install a newer version of macOS in a VM on an older version of macOS

@lynnesbian and it's against the iTunes EULA to use it to make a nuclear warhead which is frankly unreasonable

@lynnesbian Can't you just get an Apple sticker and "brand" a regular PC?

@lynnesbian what if I put a sticker from an Apple I bought at the grocery store on my computer

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