interesting piece of trivia: DK64 was about to be released when they released that there was a memory leak that caused the game to crash after a few minutes. there was no time to fix it, so what they did instead was require the game to be played with the expansion pak, which doubled the N64's RAM. this meant that the game would only crash after ~24 hours rather than a few minutes.


de-jargoned explanation:

computers have two main types of storage: what goes on the hard drive, which is where you keep your documents, videos, etc. and memory (or RAM), which is where the computer stores things it's currently "thinking about". if you have a document open in powerpoint, it's in memory. memory is a LOT faster than the hard drive, so it's preferable to use it when possible.

a memory leak is when you keep putting things in memory without taking them out, causing the amount of memory used to slowly go up and up until the computer runs out of memory and crashes. this is what happened with DK64.

the expansion pak added more memory to the nintendo 64 (the system DK64 runs on), which meant that running out of memory would take a lot longer, this mitigating the issue.

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@lynnesbian I can't tell if this is serious or not. Do non-boomer people not know what ram is? Memory leak I can kind of understand, but come on

@cant_into someone i was talking to earlier today mixed up memory with storage. it can be confusing if you don't know about it, because they're similar terms

@lynnesbian I know, because I got it confused myself, but that was in 7th grade. I mean, you need to understand what ram is even just to buy a computer and make an informed decisio-
Oh right. People don't make informed decisions.

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