reminder: the four most powerful mobile CPUs in the world are made by and for apple's exclusive usage in their phones

if you want the world's most advanced mobile CPU you're stuck with The World's Most Advanced Mobile Operating System

reminder: other phones did the notch before the iphone and they were rightfully laughed at. then the iphone did it and it became widely popular

reminder: everybody knows that apple intentionally slows down their old phones to coincide with the release of the newer ones. they even admitted it:

nothing happened, they didn't stop doing it, but they *did* offer a $29 battery replacement for affected phones c:

reminder: apple was the first important company with the courage to drop the headphone jack. now that they've done it, everyone is doing it, and this >200 year old standard is dying thanks to them

reminder: if you try to screenshot a movie purchased with itunes on a macOS or iOS device, it won't work. this is presumably to prevent you from taking 24 screenshots per second and stitching them back together into the full movie, because why else would you prevent people from doing this

@lynnesbian I'm in no way an Apple fan but this thread is triggering me so much tbh

@lynnesbian 1) Apple has huge control over it's production chain, which allows them to both customize hardware and software in a way that no other manufacturers can. Fact is, Android would probably run novbetter than iOS if the community managed to port it (a shame you can't tho, because of both their business and security models)
2) The notch on the Essential looked fine? And the iPhone has a pretty good excuse for it? I do prefer having no front camera at all tho.

@lynnesbian 3) This one is the most debatable of them all. Yes, iPhones slow down after about two years, and they admitted the slowdown. But that's like the average life cycle of a Li-Ion battery on a smartphone. Apple should be less paternalistic and more transparent about it, and they clearly have an interest in keeping you buying new phones and not admit design mistakes/limitations... but like... is it really *that* bad that they ask $29 for another 2 years of lifetime?

@lynnesbian 4) lol, why are we supposed to keep using a 200 years old port for just listening to music when we have alternatives that basically do the same (USB-C) or even better (Bluetooth + AAC/LDAC)? The demand was clearly switching towards slimmer phones (rip) and wireless headphones (I'm being 100% serious) so Apple was just the first because they're the ones who have the easiest time at making the customers transition smoothly.

@lynnesbian (keep in mind, audiophiles and professionals can still take advantage of the headphone jack, both on phones with adapters (you hates those tho... wireless is just for you then!) and in studios while we don't have USB-C for everything)

5) I'm actually surprised Chrome and Firefox don't do that with e.g. Netflix. Guess companies haven't lobbied hard enough. But not even FOSS automatically saves you from that (see Wayland), Apple just can do it more easily.

@lynnesbian Overall, there's like, *lots* of ways to complain about Apple. Hardware specs, reliability, price tagging, their security-over-feeedom approach, their obsession over controlling everything, their love for DRM (at least you did talk about that), their paternalist attitude – like, just watch Louis Rossmann to get plenty of reasons. But don't make such cheap, generic and thoughtless "criticism" because at the very least it just makes you focus on the wrong things.

@lynnesbian P.S.: sorry for the typos, I'm trying to pay attention to classroom! x3


1) that wasn't a complain about apple, it was a complain that apple was the company to come up with it, which means that it's permanently bound to apple and that no other product can ever use it
2) it's all a matter of taste. personally i hate the notch, but some people don't. some people buy neon yellow cars.
3) they slow down their phones all at once on the day the new ones release. not when your battery passes a certain threshold, not when you've had your phone for X many days, when the new one releases.
4) USB-C and bluetooth are digital methods. this means that you can use DRM on them. you can't put DRM on an AUX cable, it's physically impossible. any device with AUX output is a device that allows you to freely capture any audio you want. also, bluetooth is hardly better. pairing issues are still present, charging the batteries is annoying, and above all, why should i buy another set of earphones when the ones i have work just fine, and work with *nearly every product manufactured in the last century*?
5) if netflix did it too, it wouldn't excuse apple from doing it

- any formal research to verify 3)?
- USB-C in fact supports analog and I use it on my Xperia, that's what most dongles do, just passing analog signals
- Netflix does it, but can only enforce it on Safari because the other browsers haven't implemented it


- no, because this isn't easily researched (it only happens once per iphone release) but i'd say this chart is fairly condemning
- i would assume an app can detect that and then can easily say that you're not licensed to use the analogue output. if analogue usage is undetectable, then you're right, but i'm fairly sure it's not (android knows how to automatically mute your device when you disconnect the earphones, so the phone is definitely aware of the analogue connection being used)
- that's a strike *against* apple though, because their browser is the only one to comply with this bullshit

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- it's really easily researched if you're convinced that's the cause, it's just that it takes time and effort to look it up
- there's no difference over a regular analog port... of course Android knows when you're plugging stuff, it only needs to know if there's current going on, but AT THE VERY LEAST (and I have to check the specs of USB-C again) if you're using a dongle there's no way to know where the signal is going
- yes, they don't have the best interests there, but just wait

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