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if this thing allows me to escape Android Hell i'll be so happy

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@lynnesbian like nbd if not because like
it's a fuckin' phone that's not a cunt

@loki it runs linux so it'll be capable of running any linux programs
i think it's gonna be x86_64 so it'll run pretty much anything

of course, if it's not designed with mobile phones in mind, it won't work too well, but apps that *are* designed for it will work well

@lynnesbian oh neat it even does that think ubuntu phone planned to do where you can plug it into a screen and boom. instant linux desktop

@lynnesbian @loki FWIW it's based on the NXP i.MX8 so it's AArch64 not x86_64. Not that it matters by and large these days, it's not the 90s when everything went "Linux? OK, cool, 32bit little endian x86, got it!". And still cursing myself, probably, for not having backed the phone ages ago myself.

@loki @lynnesbian in theory, it will run any software made for linux, I believe. whether or not that's useful will vary between apps.
@loki @lynnesbian yeah! it'll likely be a very different experience from any other phone OS, which is an incredibly fantastic thing.

@lynnesbian the pinephone is projected to be released this year, will run mainline linux, and cost $149

considering that list of promises it probably comes with a free unicorn but i am keeping my fingers crossed!

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@salmonbill yeah definitely, it costs soooo much
hopefully it'll be available for purchase on a plan

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