google is terrified of the AGPL and it's hilarious

"The license places restrictions on software used over a network which are extremely difficult for Google to comply with. Using AGPL software requires that anything it links to must also be licensed under the AGPL. Even if you think you aren’t linking to anything important, it still presents a huge risk to Google because of how integrated much of our code is."

getting a job as google so i can link AGPL software and force them to release their source code

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@lynnesbian "The risks heavily outweigh the benefits."

I don't fucking think so!

@izaliamae what it means to say is "the risks to google heavily outweigh the benefits because we don't want to share our code"

Getting a job as Google sounds rad, and way cooler than what them tech bros are doing. #transhumanism

@lynnesbian My 1 minute career at Alphabet.

@lynnesbian While I hate to side with Google on anything, we discussed some concerns about the AGPL in a recent episode of @librelounge. It's worth considering;

We're two Free Software advocates, but the AGPL does have some serious concerning aspects when it comes to issues of privacy especially.

Google's concern is not the same as ours, (theirs is not releasing source) but I still think it's worth discussing.

@lynnesbian they also refuse to use any software licensed under the WTFPLv2, which is why I've started using it as the default license for all my projects

@tjg @lynnesbian ???

but that's literally a public domain license

there are no restrictions

@moonbolt @tjg the OSI has strict rules on what is and isn't an open source license

they also strongly recommend that you don't use "open source" to refer to anything that isn't on the OSI's list

a rule of thumb is that if the license doesn't explicitly provide (not necessarily reciprocally) the FSF's "four essential freedoms" it's probably not on the OSI list

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