using mastodon feels like using windows

it's a major pain in the ass to change anything but the simplest things about it, it runs terribly, and there's so many basic features that pleroma has that are just missing, and everyone sees that as pleroma being different and not mastodon being limited

@lynnesbian if someone was to get into pleroma, what instance would you recommend? I want something with a cool and hopefully politically focused community like,, or

@Drew there's but i have them blocked because of anna

none really spring to mind, the people who started the instances you're mentioning were from the bofa crowd, who all hate(d?) pleroma

@Drew anna is the hugely popular admin of the large instance

@Drew i'm one of the only people on fedi who doesn't like her, so all the discourse revolves around things i've said

@lynnesbian ahh, is there any specific reason you don't like her or do you not want to get into it


- she played a HUGE part in the demonisation of pleroma and was actively hostile to anyone who used it. this lasted for months, and the damage will never be undone. no matter how many people called her out on it, she stuck to her guns. it wasn't until one of the lead developers of pleroma explained it to her that she finally stopped being so harmfully wrong.
- there was a whole drama thing about her not properly crediting the creators of the theme, which, by the way, she didn't create
- she spends a lot of time defending the DPRK (this one is a political disagreement but one i feel very strongly)
- she's block evaded at least once to call someone names because they disagreed with her on the DPRK
- she's always been weirdly immature towards me and once called me a furry immediately after apologising for anything she did to hurt me, which was "totally not her intent"
- she creeps me out. she recently made a post about how i asked her to defederate with me and she said she "adored" me and that she'd to anything to protect me, which is very creepy, especially considering the age gap (i'm 20, she's ~35)
- she's an internet poisoned and highly combative person who often directs her unending hatred towards the wrong people

there's more but i think you get the gist


more anna/ stuff 

so yeah if anyone's curious about why i don't like anna and please read the above two posts


and just to add to this, the w.l rules say "no ace discourse" which reads to me "if you're ace, please don't mention it, talk about your experiences, or defend yourself"

@spookcentral @lynnesbian ... wooooooooow. I uh. Gosh. If there’s one thing I hate about the Tumblr exodus, it’s the “Ace People Are Trenders” sort of discourse that spread like the plague from Kaffa

people: *complain about w.l's theme being difficult to understand*
anna: :blobshrug:
people with clout: *complain about w.l's theme being difficult to understand*
anna: i'll get right on it, i'll pay for a new, more accessible theme to be created immediately

people: *explains why you shouldn't be blindly taking out your rage on pleroma*
anna: fuck off nazi
people with clout: *explains why you shouldn't be blindly taking out your rage on pleroma*
anna: i've created a pleroma instance to atone for my sins and will try to
steer the consensus in the right direction

when i (person with clout) explained to anna that using the w.l theme without attributing the creators was a violation of the AGPL, she fixed it right away. i wonder what would have happened if someone with less followers had asked the same? more importantly, what will be the next fuckup that requires an to step in?

with all of this shit in mind...

should i unblock

(you can reply to elaborate on why if you'd like)

dreading the results of this because i think i already know what they're going to be

two votes so far and one of them is me :face_think_thonking:

i know i shouldn't expect this to get a huge response in five minutes but i just want this to be done with

Lynne, if there's one thing I've learnt about popular votes like that it's this. the majority of people more or less never vote for exclusion, outside of extreme cases.

I used to do flat majoritarian votes on banning in my old discord. and you know what? only like 1/10 votes would ever be for the ban, the vast majority were just apathetic on the issues, and then would not care to actively say yes to a banning as it's actively a thing to cut people out of something. so what did I do? I just stopped having votes.

now, I know you're an anarchist but, I'd say not everything needs to be voted on, especially when it comes to your own online experience. you already know my position on w.l, I will respect yours no matter what you chose

@CornishRepublicanArmy yeah i know but i can't decide this for myself because im a namby pamby

@lynnesbian I'd say that blocking Anna seems enough, and as this is your main community cutting out one of the biggest instances in our corner of the fediverse hampers that for you probably. most w.l users aren't 'bad people' who you don't get on with, I was there for instance (ok, bad example in my case). but I'm not you, and I will never be you, when you say that it makes you uncomfortable to see the instance name and such I just have to take it at face value that it's a problem for you and I'll respect that

@lynnesbian I think people generally want all their friends to be friends and can get pushy about dropping existing grievances. I think it's wrong to try to push your friends' boundaries even if you think they're wrong to believe something. So my position is "do what makes you comfortable, don't think you have to expand your boundaries for anyone else."

more anna/ stuff 

more anna/ stuff 

more anna/ stuff 

re: more anna/ stuff 

re: more anna/ stuff 

more anna/ stuff 

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