@lynnesbian That duck totally skidded out to watch those other two ducks make out.

@tibius @lynnesbian

The "making-out" Geese in that photo are domestic Swan Geese, the wild form is native to Mongolia and Northern China but domestication has resulted in them having a fat rear end since they were bred for fat juicy meat.

Not sure what the white ones are though, image is too grainy for me to determine.

@Tau_Leonis @lynnesbian They’re kinky-ass voyeristic duckies. Zoologically speaking.

@lynnesbian the second pic is me when i wake up from a nap and realize I overslept and am running late for class as a result

@larrydavis what a surprise -- the elected representative of anime is an absolute shitter

I like when the caption to the second one is "Whoah, how fast do you think that duck was going?"

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