ever wished you could tell your bot to give custom replies if certain conditions were met? for example, ignoring mentions by a certain user, replying with something special when someone used a keyword... your dream will eventually become a reality with !!

want to create your own bot, but don't want to go through the hassle of trying to figure out how to use the command line? will provide you with an easy-to-use GUI to make the creation process easy for all!

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sick of modifying python scripts and json files just to specify simple options? everything from the small stuff to complex rulesets will be configurable from ' hopefully intuitive graphical user interface!

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bear in mind that this is far from finished yet, but i'm working on it. you can check out the progress at github.com/Lynnesbian/FediBook.

this is by far the biggest programming project i've ever worked on, so it might not be done for a while, especially with uni coming up soon.

it will, of course, be free (gratis and libre), with an option to provide donations if wanted. the software won't nag you to donate or anything annoying like that! i want this to be as easy, intuitive, and viable as possible for everyone on the fediverse!

the reason it's called "FediBooks" rather than "Mastodon Ebooks" or similar is because i'm going to be putting in work to make sure it's compatible with as many fediverse clients and servers as possible. i'm only one person and i can't make any promises, but i'll do my best!!

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i've never done anything on this scale before so let's hope it goes well :blobcatfingerguns:

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i'm using qt designer to make the GUI, and i'll be choosing between pyside and pyqt5 once it's time to write the code. there's no major differences between the two, apart from licensing, and because i'm using the AGPLv3+ license, there's no issue there.

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ever wanted to have your bot learn from a text file instead of a fedi account? or multiple text files? a combination of text files and accounts? you'll be able to when materialises!

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if you have an existing mstdn-ebooks bot, fear not! will allow you to import the account!

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if you don't like GUIs, mstdn-ebooks will always be available. i might even make a CLI version of but that's adding more to an already monumental task

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if you have any (achievable) ideas you'd like to see implemented in , let me know!

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for anyone finding this thread in the distant future

fedibooks is no longer a cross platform app, now it's a website, yay hooray

you can sign up and use it for free and shit here: fedibooks.com

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Umm, uhhh, I think the bots should have a toggle for lasers and explosions and stuff

@lynnesbian perhaps an option to add templates like i had on mine with the american stores & drugs?

@lynnesbian option to pass toot through a cry-typing filter uwu ~ 🌸

@lynnesbian god this is so much... you've put so much into this sort of work. thank you for working so hard to make this accessible to everyone

@lynnesbian (i don't have any ideas I just wanted to say you're wonderful for devoting so much time on this project for the community, and thank you so much for doing so :blobheartcat: )

@lynnesbian this kind of makes me a little sad, is there any chance someone else could pick up the app code and work on it?

@awilfox it still exists but it'd be a monumental effort to get it working, which is why i abandoned it in the future

the fedibooks webapp does the essentials and i'm planning to add more features eventually, such as being able to "chat" with the bots and set blacklisted words

but the app's code is out there if anyone wants to try it, but again i reeeally don't recommend it: github.com/Lynnesbian/OldFediB

@audrey command line interface, typing things into a terminal rather than clicking buttons

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