i really need to switch to another browser before the firefox boat capsizes

trying out vivaldi yet again

let's hope it works well this time

vivaldi doesn't seem to have proper tree style tabs :blobcatderpy:

i'll stick with firefox for now and migrate when i have too

@radicalrobit they're planning to remove the cookie manager

they've already added pocket, removed the new tab page setting, done a bunch of shitty anti-privacy stuff, pushed non-free extension recommendations...

@lynnesbian ah good, I didn't need a UI to clean up the 1GB+ of stale localstorage badly written webshit like mastofe somehow manages to build up anyway

@flussence you'll still be able to delete cookies! you'll have two options:
- delete all
- do nothing

@lynnesbian wtf, even chrome has a god damn cookie manager where you can search for individual websites and delete the data

@lynnesbian lol Yeah I was just about to ask as I immediately went searching for it and everything was from last year.

I can still manage individual sites but it's all under site data instead of separated between site data and cookies.

phew, I was about to lose it haha

@radicalrobit ohhh ok

so you can't delete individual cookies anymore but you *can* delete all cookies for a given site

that's not as bad as i thought it was, whew

@lynnesbian @radicalrobit "stop using Chrome and use Firefox instead because Chrome doesn't respect your privacy" sounds a lot like someone arguing that an old shoe is a better nail-pounder than a glass bottle

@ben @lynnesbian @radicalrobit yeah, but if you were saying it in a world where hammers don't exist

@hasya23 it's better than chrome but it's still going down imo

@hasya23 @lynnesbian need to get the pleroma gopher server able to make posts rather than just read them so we can make lynx the fedi browser of 2019
@lynnesbian could i suggest trying a non-chromium based web browser? its been quite disturbing to see the increased adoption of the chromium back-end everywhere, especially with recent posts like this: [0]

I'm not really sure about good non-chromium alternatives except Firefox out there. Safari's nice but its not on Linux, so would something like GNOME web (Epiphany) work well?


@lidar i'm aware of and upset about chromium's mass takeover but as you mentioned there aren't really any major alternatives. everything's either chromium based or firefox based (with all the flaws they imply), with the exception of safari, which is macOS only.

@lynnesbian I went back and started using it after a year of switching away and... well... using the developer tools no longer crash the browser for me, so that's good I guess.

@lynnesbian wait didn't chromium have that update that renders ublock and all that good stuff useless?

@cesese ...

well it hasn't come out yet, let's hope vivaldi works around it somehow. they've added a LOT on top of chromium, hopefully they'll do this too

@lynnesbian inb4 the bunebrowser, with bunbungo as the default tab

@lynnesbian it does have a sidebar where you can see all your tabs (or you can position the tabs on either side). And you have tab stacks, which are extremely useful o me (I group tabs by subject)
And you can also have sessions, by selecting tabs (shift click like any file system), right click, save session

@awitch there's an unsigned, closed source one from a 2 year old forum post...

@lynnesbian aw dang, I’m sorry. I guess there’s not much more to do than getting used to stacks instead of tree. Or develop an open source extension. Or reaching out to them, they’re quite responsive to requests.
I do keep my things in trees in the bookmarks, it’s very useful. I’m not sure about your specific needs, but at least for me it’s my favorite for the customization options

@lynnesbian Mozilla's decisions continue to annoy me, and I've been using Firefox as my main browser since 2005! 🤦‍♂️

I briefly tried Chromium and it is an improvement, but constantly being prodded by Google to let them track me wasn't fun.

I quite like the things Safari does on macOS. Still looking for a "not annoying" browser for Linux.

@lynnesbian good point, I will give it a try 👍

You're not the first person to suggest Vivaldi to me, but I initially dismissed it because I thought it was to Opera what "Pale Moon" is to Firefox.

The reviews I've read recently suggest this is not the case. 🤔

@bobstechsite @lynnesbian If you don't mind a web browser with some closed source parts, then Vivaldi is a slick browser to use. A friend on mine is a fan of it. You can install Chrome extensions on it.

@lynnesbian other than pocket and this (sigh) what else have they done that’s particularly bad privacy-wise in recent years.

Tbh I’ve been really happy with Firefox since I switched over.

@NightRose there was also the mr. robot ARG thing where they proved that they had the ability to remotely install addons into your browser and will do so for a joke:

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