i really need to switch to another browser before the firefox boat capsizes


@radicalrobit they're planning to remove the cookie manager

they've already added pocket, removed the new tab page setting, done a bunch of shitty anti-privacy stuff, pushed non-free extension recommendations...

@lynnesbian ah good, I didn't need a UI to clean up the 1GB+ of stale localstorage badly written webshit like mastofe somehow manages to build up anyway

@flussence you'll still be able to delete cookies! you'll have two options:
- delete all
- do nothing

@lynnesbian wtf, even chrome has a god damn cookie manager where you can search for individual websites and delete the data

@lynnesbian lol Yeah I was just about to ask as I immediately went searching for it and everything was from last year.

I can still manage individual sites but it's all under site data instead of separated between site data and cookies.

phew, I was about to lose it haha

@radicalrobit ohhh ok

so you can't delete individual cookies anymore but you *can* delete all cookies for a given site

that's not as bad as i thought it was, whew

@lynnesbian @radicalrobit "stop using Chrome and use Firefox instead because Chrome doesn't respect your privacy" sounds a lot like someone arguing that an old shoe is a better nail-pounder than a glass bottle

@ben @lynnesbian @radicalrobit yeah, but if you were saying it in a world where hammers don't exist

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