@lynnesbian Ahhh, I just enter a randomly generated thing on them as answers and make a note in the password manager with the questions and answers, it's such a pain

@lynnesbian Amazingly talented cheerleaders, the contortions needed to spell out the name with their bodies is really something no other college has

@Shrigglepuss @lynnesbian I hated being on the squad. they always made me be the asterisk. I HATED the asterisk

@spookydjinn @lynnesbian All * had to do was a star jump but not land for a while, easy really =p

@Shrigglepuss @lynnesbian y'all acting like it was easy. little reminder that I was in HIGH SCHOOL so maybe excuse me for not mastering LEVITATION yet. it doesn't come naturally to everyone you know :/

@lynnesbian questions :
-Pass #1
-Pass #2
-Pass #3

With passwords longer than your actual password

@cesese @lynnesbian have fun reading them out when you call customer support and then telling them to read it back to make sure they got it right

@lynnesbian i literally just chose six random words for my three security questions and wrote them down on some paper

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