god damn it misskey.py is a mess

should i request account-read or account/read? is there a difference? why is there note-read but not note/read? what the fuck is going on

does anyone know what the misskey API permissions are? i can work it out somewhat from the names but i still want to be sure

here's the list i'm looking at: github.com/YuzuRyo61/Misskey.p

what's the difference between "favorite-read" and "favorites-read" aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA

do misskey apps need "drive-write" permission to post media

ffs is there a way to compile the docs without installing misskey? i don't want to "have an environment that run to Misskey." i just want documentation please im dying

it seems like they are, so i'll request note-write and note-read

good news: i found a way to read some form of documentation for misskey

bad news: it's split across hundreds of tiny files with single-line explanations of functions

and it's in japanese

you fool! you can't renote to renote! how do you expect to renote to renote?!


why yes i am losing my mind thank you for asking

@lynnesbian I hear coding often has that effect, one reason I got into hardware instead! (though the more complex circuits that aren't functioning and have no obvious failure point are rather vexing!)

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