i'm slowly realising that making fedibooks support anything but mastodon and pleroma will be a monumental task

there isn't even a CSS link... what the fuck is this website

you know what though? when you finally get through the broken website and find the zot api documentation, it's all worth it. where misskey has no words and no examples, zot has FOUR (!) words and no examples. how would you have known that requesting channel/stream would fetch a channel stream without it?


mastodon API docs: split across a website and an archived git repo, lacking but provides the basic information
pleroma API docs: (pleroma uses the mastodon API)
misskey API docs: :blobderpy:
zot (hubzilla/osada) API docs: hidden behind a broken webpage, each method has about four words of documentation
diaspora*: excellent documentation, easy to find website and fantastic presentation, API is not actually implemented

in my entire time on fedi, i have seen:
- ~10 misskey users
- one osada user
- zero hubzilla users
- zero diaspora* users (because diaspora* doesn't federate w/ activitypub)
- one GNU social user (richard stallman)

Isn't this quintessential software engineering?

wow only one gnu soc? isn't SPC still running it? or do you have them blocked

@pea ...omg wow they are

yeah i have it blocked but i have seen some of them before blocking

@lynnesbian wait lynne


look at this API documentation with examples and more than 4 words wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/API:2

@lynnesbian @ben (I'm still sitting here laughing at the idea of federating with an MMO because it actually has API documentation)

@lynnesbian this sounds like so much work for the benefit of 11 people and Richard Stallman

@lynnesbian I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you are referring to as Richard Stallman is in fact

a fucking crosspost bot

@flussence @lynnesbian
Wow, how did Grace get RMS on her instance? She must be super smart and cute to get the totally real RMS to join

@CornishRepublicanArmy @rms @flussence @lynnesbian Honestly, it's a real hassle, but it's worth it to be able to get all my free software questions answered, like "is the cathedral or the bazaar the good one" or "which pointless hills are you dying on today, Richard"

@rms@social.illegalpornograpDear richardu stallmann,

Where tf is that lemote yeelong bro?

Your #1 fan,

@flussence i think he used to use it as an actual account but stopped

@lynnesbian tbh if I had people like that sliding into my replies by the hundreds everywhere I go, I'd spend most of my life offline too

@flussence apparently he responds to pretty much every email he gets

I mean, you can ignore Richard Stallman, or you can admit that gnu social is still relevant.

And that second option scares me more than ignoring Richard Stallman does.

Not that it's my place to be scared.

@lynnesbian hey now, I used Hubzilla for like three or four years!

I just moved to Pleroma because it's faster and more comfortable to use at this point in my life.
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