12am: boring, sounds like it comes after 11am
00:00: kicks butt, sounds l33t

switch to 24hr time today

this post sponsored by the fact that i looked at my phone's clock and it said "00:00" and i thought "ooh that's kinda cool"

whoever it is that decided that 12am comes after 11pm i'm gonna kick their butt

ditto for whoever decided we should use 12hr instead of 24hr time


and the chucklefucks who made it so that OCTOber is the tenth month

that's because julius and augustus added july and august or some shit isn't it? yeah well their butts are as good as kicked

oh and whatever pack of morons made the decision to make february 28 days long instead of just

7x 30 day months
5x 31 day months

@lynnesbian oh no it's significantly worse than that. @noelle had a thread on it a while ago

@lynnesbian The roman emperor Augustus wanted the month named after him to be 31 days, (because the one named after Iulius was also 31), so he had to take a day from somewhere, which was the last month of the year, February.

@lynnesbian Not to belabour the point, but the roman year started in March. Which is why the last months of the year, (September, ... December) made sense initially, because they were the 7th through 10th, and not the 9th through 12th.

@trickster @lynnesbian As someone born on the 1/4 of Februaries with a 29th: I'm pretty sure he was assassinated by a time travelling leap year baby.

@Kye @lynnesbian I mean, funnily enough, he died in August, so who knows.

@lynnesbian I feel like all months should be 28 days because of the menstrual cycle and the moon

@lynnesbian A better question is, why not 13 months * 28 days (364) with a year day and a leap day every 4 years? then we could line up the lunar cycle and the days of the week and the days of the month would be aligned too.

as for time, why not metric time? 1000 minutes in a day (and 20 "hours" at every 50 minutes)?

@pokecat why would i go to sleep when i could make snow blobcats :blob_snow:

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