development status:

- mastodon is the most widely supported one and i know how to use it
- pleroma is mostly fine but doesn't have the `prev` thing in the outbox?????
- misskey has horrendous documentation
- diaspora* doesn't let you view public posts
- hubzilla/osada is a mess


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1. get it working on Mastodon
2. release with a caveat that support for other software is limited
3. when people complain, get the APIs fixed

(this way, you'll never need to worry about the last three at all)

@lynnesbian What are you developing? Is it the stats thing?

@Gargron i'm making an ebooks program that works with as many instance types at once. i want it to be capable of downloading posts and making posts from all sorts of instances, but i'm running into a lot of trouble with pretty much all of them

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