reminder that the laws of australia override the laws of math

"The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia"

-- Malcolm Turnbull (Prime Minister at the time)

really though how do you actually, seriously say that out loud, while being the prime minister of australia, the person who is *supposed* to be the most qualified to represent the nation and its 24 million people

if this is the best the system can get us, then, uh, maybe the system is a little broken

instead of studying maths in school i'm gonna become a prime minister and make the laws state that i'm always correct with maths :blobcatderpy:

is it just me or like

shouldn't a government have some sort of process to ensure that they only give authority to people who know what maths is

@GreenandBlack from one of the many "housewives of australia" i couldn't agree more

Is that what democracy decides? The most qualified?
I thought it was more "who's the most popular of this group of people who are running for some reason."

@violet the *idea* is that the public votes the most fit person possible into the position, and better, more disciplined and intelligent people climb the ranks and get to compete in logical and rational debates where they clearly lay out their policies for the public to think about for half a hear and finally cast the vote through a truly representative process

the actual implementation is uhhhhhh

Hmm, well, it definitely doesn't do much (if at all) better where I'm from, but, at least our government hasn't lied to itself that encryption is something that it can effectively regulate.

@violet yeah we're currently passing laws that force companies to put backdoors for our technologically incompetent government into pretty much everything, and they're even saying that they'll be able to force people to turn over encryption keys for end to end stuff

so if this goes through and they actually put effort into it (unlike the much hyped and discussed pirate bay block which was only DNS level (i.e. worthless)) we could be a little fucked



The TCN stuff in the access bill is ridiculously broken. We have dozens of automated measures in place to ensure compliance with SOX/SOC2/PCI/etc standards. I can't insert backdoor capability at any level in our products without a *lot* of people in my company knowing. It's literally impossible for me to comply with the law.

I'm guessing your parliamentary labor party has its thumb stuck up its arse as well?

@GreenandBlack yeah

our current opposition leader is bill shorten, who nobody really gives a shit about

meanwhile we've had something like five prime ministers in seven years because Wack Shit keeps happening and leadership spills keep going on because asshole A declares asshole B unfit to run and blah blah blah and we change PMs so frequently that angela merkel took a fact sheet about the current PM to g20 because she didn't know anything about the guy

@lynnesbian I dunno what it's like there, but they'll only let anyone that swears allegiance to the queen to take a seat here.

@lynnesbian If you're a prime minister and you outlaw prime numbers... wouldn't that make you a composite minister? :blobthinkingfast:

@amsomniac Two smaller ministers that can be multiplied together to form them


Political power is amassed in high risk Knify Spoony games.

@lynnesbian it’s the best of Australians what do you expect

math, joke 

@lynnesbian I heard that the prime ministership can even be divided by things other than one and itself!

@lynnesbian was he trying to like... communicate something here? bc I can't imagine what it could be


"Immanuel Kant
was a real piss-ant
who was very rarely stable..."

@lynnesbian if anyone makes the fucking Orwell joke i am logging off

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