when i realise that you can save one keypress on a microwave by typing in 90 instead of 130 for one and a half minutes

when i remember that my microwave is one of the ones with a knob instead of a keypad so this cool trick doesn't work for me

in unrelated news i just found out that ffmpeg lets you reverse videos by just applying a video filter called "reverse" so that's cool

people seem to have trouble believing that microwaves with keypads exist so here's an example of one :blobderpy:

and here's an explanation of how it works:

digits fill from the right to the left, so typing in "5" always means five seconds and never five minutes. five minutes is "500".

one minute and thirty seconds is "130", which is interpreted as "1:30". however, typing "60" does not autocorrect to "1:00", it stays as sixty seconds. you can go as high as ninety-nine seconds. thus, you can type in "90" and it'll run for one minute thirty seconds

okay now there are other people who are having trouble believing microwaves *without* keypads exist :derpyupsidedown:

here's one with a knob

explaining the revolutionary concept of microwave to standard time conversion

My microwave you can hit 1 and it starts for one minute, then start to add 30 sec. Saves an additional a press

@lynnesbian *pushes POPCORN, then mashes MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE*

@lynnesbian ours has ONLY knobs! digital technology is for suckers

@theoutrider @lynnesbian hell yeah, knob squad!

(i really hope that's not a euphemism for anything lewd)

@grainloom @lynnesbian an acquaintance of mine once proudly reported that while working on a heavily skeuomorphic application he had just written code for an event called knobStroke()

@lynnesbian yeah but i'm so oldschool I have a *mechanical knob* without digital shit so I have even less accuracy than you but I can feel like I do

@lynnesbian I have one with a knob and no numbers. It’s the worst microwave. I mean yeah it heats but it goes in 0:10 increments until you hit 5:00 and then increments in 0:30. Except when it’s ignoring the knob (and increments not at all).

Which is bad but not as bad as when you try to stop it beeping. One you miss the 0:01 mark, it WILL BEEP LOUDLY THREE TIMES no matter what. And then again once every minute until you open the door.

@lynnesbian you must be joking?! you would put 300 for 5 minutes, not 500!
500s is 8⅓ minutes

@Kabit but any more than two digits is interpreted as a minute with the remaining two digits as seconds, so you can type "9999" for a maximum of 99 mins, 99 seconds


you ever think about how on a timer, 99 is more than 100?

because i do all the time

Can confirm, been doing that for years.

The best was when a friend got confused
"- it was a minute and a half.
- that's what I set it to.
- but there was one beep too few
- yeah, I typed in 90 seconds.

@lynnesbian i've never had a microwave that actually lets you type in any digit you want

ours have always had buttons for, one second, ten seconds, one minute, and ten minutes

@00dani i've used a microwave with a keypad before, our family had it from as early as i can remember up until the day it broke down

@lynnesbian if you want to save even more movement, you can just enter 88! Not only does it spare you from having to move your finger extra distance, it also cook your food in 2 whole seconds less!!

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