when i realise that you can save one keypress on a microwave by typing in 90 instead of 130 for one and a half minutes

@lynnesbian where the fuck do all of you get these horribly programmed microwaves?

@trickster older microwaves had keypads where you could type in any (four digit) sequence you wanted, so typing in 3 digits would go 0X:XX but two digits would only be 00:XX. that meant you could type as high as 99 seconds before you needed to use three digits

but ... that's not ... what?

what would happen if you typed 1:99? would it count down to 1:00 and then continue with 0:59?

I'm reading those words real hard, Lynne, but they don't make any sense.


@trickster usuaully, you'd type in "99", hit enter, and it'd display "01:39" and start counting down

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@lynnesbian the Babylonians were wrong, 3600 is a shit number, multiples of 10 for lyfe

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