the quality looks like it was recorded from an analogue TV broadcast, recorded onto a VHS set to SLP, transferred to another VHS, and then ripped to a DivX file

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okay so it's one of these, which was replaced in 1993 by the banjo patterson/windmill one

round the twist is a very old show

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meanwhile in the non-rabbit related parts of the episode (who cares), an ethical dilemma emerges as a girl argues with her clone about who should be the one to be "reversed" from existence

round the twist is something else

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me and my various alt accounts trying to fix my overloaded server while others look on in confusion

have you ever
ever felt like this
'cus strange things happen
when you're tooting round the twist

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Round the Twist is notable for having pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable for children's television, to the extent that the Australian Children's Television Foundation had difficulty finding a distributor for it: according to the ACTF's marketing Manager Jenny Buckland, "the scripts were declared 'too rude', 'not for television' and 'outrageous'".

you can say that again

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please do not talk about the whirling derfish episode. thank you

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Linda Twist — Pete's twin sister, into feminism, environmentalism and judo.

finally a relatable television character

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@lynnesbian Like, you can use Firefox v60 for example, because 60>=4, but you can't, like, use Brave and stuff because they never release a version greater than 4.

@Nocta @lynnesbian all modern browsers are Mozilla 5, so they're all fine

@lynnesbian excuse me, one does not simply STOP going 'round the TWIST, it is a long process spanning multiple seasons and actor changes

@lynnesbian oh that takes me back.

This is back when everyone treated browser's major versions the same way we now talk about game console generations.

So this'll be anything with the capabilities of Netscape 4 and greater. This was a big deal because many people sticked with Netscape 3 and other "3.x" browsers and didn't update.

Dys adjacent 

@lynnesbian fucking wild lol all I had as a kid was lots of quality British and American stuff. And you lot had that hahaha tbf Ive never seen it and hardly revisited old childhood stuff cause I mostly forgot my childhood! I wonder why!

@lynnesbian the first time I saw it I'd just watched Evil Dead, and turned the VCR off. It was something hellish like 3 in the morning and a strange show was playing that caught my eye. Ten minutes later...

I. Was. Terrified.

@lynnesbian a lot of productions back then were dark. Ellie and Jools had a dead girl down a well. Mirror Mirror had toxic was sprayed on kids. The Miraculous Mellops straight up had a corny bunch of aliens that fuckin ate people.

@lynnesbian Literal pissing competitions in Round The Twist.

@lynnesbian ok wasn't entirely prepared for that rush of memory

@lynnesbian this is a reaction image but I'm not sure what reaction it is

@lynnesbian when an old toot comes back on your feed, it has come around the twist

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