@lynnesbian Microwave clocks are fucking bullshit because they sync off of 60Hz instead of a crystal and if your power is wonky (like most power in the US tends to be) then they drift. I set my microwave clock a couple of weeks ago and it's 13 minutes fast now.

@breakfastgolem @lynnesbian the heckers did they do that (and still do)? Are they saving on crystal moneys?

@breakfastgolem @lynnesbian in Europe there was recently a problem where Kosovo was using more electricity than it generates and Serbia, who's normally obligated to balance out their power grid as a neighbouring nation, refused to do so because Politics

This had a ripple effect leading to these clocks running 6+ minutes slow throughout the continent


I think my microwave is both old enough to not have a computer or radiation shielding.

@Roxxie_Riot @lynnesbian I have a macrowave. It's a 30' square space with 30' ceilings and a gigantic high-gain radar dish at the center with a little platform where you put your Lean Cuisine. I've never been able to actually get my food because the radiation is too high.

@breakfastgolem @lynnesbian

Is it possible to shoot mircowaves into space?

Like could we use that to beat the alien from independence day?

@Roxxie_Riot @lynnesbian Everyone opens their microwaves and sets it to 3:00 on the "Potato" setting, then deflects the death rays up in to space using aluminum foil. Congratulations, humanity has kicked space's ass.

@twitter if you've ever tried to set a VCR clock you'll know it's sinful

@lynnesbian @twitter setting the VCR clock by manually increasing the AC frequency and letting the clock run fast until it reaches the correct time

@lynnesbian @twitter fight computer sin with electrical engineering sin

@lynnesbian I just realized the very real possibility that my dating site could be used to spread hate


I'm frantically trying to find a way to prevent this from being abused

@lynnesbian also if you're going to try to eat cupcakes from 2010 could you at least pick some that haven't already been eaten

@lanodan @lynnesbian right now any data that's not accepted just causes a panic

@lynnesbian always remember to perform weekly exorcisms on your electronics

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