fedilab's options are a bit overwhelming
what does "optimise loading time" actually do? does it make things load quicker? why would i ever disable that? and what is "patch the security provider"? :blobcatderpy:

@lynnesbian if you tick that box it gives the security provider a cool eyepatch


It's when the Security Guard's pants rip and you patch the hole.

it really does have that quintessential "backend developer makes a frontend" feeling to it

@lynnesbian I think @tom79 just got a UX person on board with the project - definitely hoping for good things out of the collaboration!

@deutrino @lynnesbian tbh this design is so poorly-thought out and indicates such a basic lack of social awareness / empathy that it would immediately make me suspicious of a) the codebase's readability & comments b) the documentation quality c) the API design. Also why are ordinary users seeing i18n this bad and confusing, especially for English?

@lynnesbian This (and other things like it) is why I'm still using Tusky despite really wanting a markdown-aware client.

ah okay thanks
the explanation for the security patch went over my head but i think i sort of understand it, and i definitely understand the loading optimiser one

@lynnesbian I still have no clue what either of them mean. Why is there a checkbox to allow security holes? Does “optimize” mean it'll waste bandwidth prefetching stuff or load faster by not prefetching stuff??

@flussence @lynnesbian this. The posts explain (sort of) what the checkboxes do, but why are these settings at all? What risks/benefits is the user weighing?

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