how did i get by with this thing... it's so tiny and unbearably slow

also i love that the three history items that show up are two minecraft wiki pages and a homestuck fanfiction i was writing

i appreciate the offer google but
a) this phone is not new, i've had it for half a decade
b) i doubt it could run any of these apps
c) fuck off

alright i finally got the photo across
my new phone compared to my previous one

it's not physically much bigger but the screen is huge compared to the old one

i think i did a pretty good job remaking that widget at the top in KWGT

and just for fun here's a comparison of the new phone to my galaxy W

oh god
you know how cheap devices with rubber on the exterior always end up melting and getting really sticky?
yeah that's happened to my huawei

this thing has 14 hardware buttons if you could the D-pad ring thing as four

get a load of those crunchy pixels

this kind of crispness is only possible on a 2.8" display with a resolution of 240x320

sliding to unlock the phone? that's a great idea! i wonder how google came up with that one

getting up close to the bottom of the phone we can see an assortment of physical buttons.
the top row, from left to right, is back, menu, home, and search. the search button opens a google search window, and the menu button was used to access menus within apps, which has now been relegated to a three-dot menu or similar within the app itself, rather than an actual button. the search button was the first to disappear, and then the menu button was replaced with the multitasking button.

the green and red buttons are for answering and rejecting calls. the red one also functions as a quit button. they have no other purpose.

the circle with a ring around it is actually a D-pad. you can press the sides of the ring to change the highlighted menu option, and press the centre button to "click" it. i assume this is here because the screen is so small.

out of view, the phone also has power and volume buttons.

here are the internals. the sim card slot is actually under the battery. to the right of the camera is the weirdly shaped speaker. and if you look closely, you can see that it's covered in electrical tape! this isn't second-hand - it just came like that.

despire looking like crap the speaker is actually very loud. it sound pretty awful, but it's certainly loud.

and yeah it has a search button
with the power of android, google is only ever a button press away!

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@lynnesbian actually i kinda like it that way

think of it like this: would you use a game console controller thats cable comes out the bottom?

@lynnesbian samsung has this really shit habit of putting headphone/power cables in the most obnoxious places

@00dani of course because i don't need to press keys on you!
although i can press your buttons :blobcatmelt:

@lynnesbian too slow. I bet it was far quicker and more responsive when it was new. Smartphones tend to slow down with every OTA update.

@polychrome it's running cyanogenmod because samsung never updated it past gingerbread and it took a full minute to open the app launcher

@lynnesbian it's bad enough that mine takes 5 seconds to bring up the task switcher, I dunno how I'd cope with keyboard lag too

@lynnesbian lynne, your old samsung galaxy w doesn't have the latest dani smooches

@lynnesbian Do u have a stylus? I remember when i tried to use a tiny resistive screened android device I used a nintendo ds stylus

@lynnesbian sometimes i'm nostalgic for older technology, but old android fucking sucked.

@lynnesbian ... I kinda miss that for certain uses actually.

E.g. playing low-res DOS games.

@lynnesbian I love how the UI buttons actually look like buttons instead of abstract borderless whatevers.

@lynnesbian [ configures Cyanogen to use a 25-point pattern ]

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@lynnesbian 1200mAh! i have rechargeable AAs that last longer. than that

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