sure, we here in America might "elect dangerous reactionaries", but at least our backwards date writing convention makes cool numbers sometimes.

@BestGirlGrace we only have the year in the wrong place. They have the ENTIRE DATE in the wrong order.

@ben Yeah,but being sorted backwards is better than being all jumbled up.

@BestGirlGrace where would you put the time in the European date format?

@ben Yeah, I get that putting the year last is kinda weird, but at least there's an order to things.


Do they sort time seconds->minutes->hours?


@ben @BestGirlGrace it's perfectly obvious. you slope down with hours minutes seconds, then ride back up with days months years. can YOU do gnarly grinds on your country's date formatting??

@lynnesbian @BestGirlGrace

Our system is wheelchair-accessible:

Seconds ♿

@lynnesbian You can do a sick grind down the stairs in the Korean system

2019 년
04 월
06 일
오후 (PM in Latin)
22 시
10 분
50 초

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