so hot outside today... it's 105°. everything is on fire, lakes are boiling, and everyone is dead

@lynnesbian that's true, very true, HOWEVER I do not understand set theory for the most part, so it doesn't entirely count :blobcatfingerguns:

@roxxers do you really think my takes are hot enough to cause such temperatures :thojne:

@lynnesbian you dare say this after saying I'm pronouncing yogurt and vitamins wrong? Those are nuclear takes

@lynnesbian well you know I have issues with spellings and I just kinda let my predictive text take the wheel. Guess we adding ablism to the list of hot takes? /s 💙💙💙💙💙💙

Based on that spelling, I must assume that the gh is pronounced as in though.

I mean, that's how I pronounce that word, so it seems to fit.

@violet @lynnesbian it's pronounced like 'yog-hurt' and lynne is just mad cause we get to pronounce things the correct way to how everyone else pronounces it.

@lynnesbian you can survive that, pff, just hide underground and start a new civilization down there

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