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i had a shower this morning and then looked in the mirror and still felt kind of self conscious about my appearance. was i doing something wrong? am i really not attractive enough, or is the media getting inside my head? i asked my wife and she told me i'm beautiful as ever. is that a good thing? i felt like everyone was judging me when i went outside. like i was being watched. and if you feel the same when you're on the internet, you need nordVPN. using military grade encryption, nordVPN protects you fro

i've been seeing the psych for nearly a year. he's trying his best, but i thought i was just fundamentally broken. life didn't feel exciting to me anymore. i'm only thirty and i feel like i've done it all. sure, having a successful youtube channel is nice, and i can make the videos about whatever i want, but... but i don't feel like i *want* anything. you know when you play a video game for way too long and it starts feeling like there's nothing left? you've found all the patterns, the routines, even the random quests seem to be repeating. that's what life felt like to me. it was just on a loop. i had a schedule, a list of things to do, and i did them. i felt like life was a fucking flowchart that i'm just stepping through every day until i finally die. but something changed. i broke out. i finally found a way to find life enjoyable again. lootcrate sends you a monthly package filled with exciting conte

seriously though i hate it when youtube channels do this

half a interesting is probably the worst case of it i've ever seen. they'll go on a half minute spiel just to loosely connect the subject of the video to squarespace or nordVPN or fucking audible

depression, loss of a loved one, plane crash, shitpost 


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@lynnesbian Please recommend me an audiobook that completely changed your life in the last 13 days that I should use as my free trial
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