what is "free software"? why do people say software isn't free, even though you can download it for free from the app store? (long, serious) 

@lynnesbian it kinda seems like software licenses that say you can't use the software for evil would be strictly better than truly free licenses :blobcattilt:

@00dani that's my opinion, but not the FSF's, and they say that licenses that include such "anti-evil" clauses aren't truly free licenses

@lynnesbian now i'm thinkin abt a d&d-style alignment system that has free/proprietary and good/evil as the two axes

fsf are free neutral

lynne is free good


@00dani it took a while but i made it :blobcatpeek:

it was kinda hard to think of good proprietary software but i went with rar because it help people compress files even if they won't let people know how it works

@00dani i feel like i'm gonna get at least one angry response to this :blobcatderpy:

@cesese @lynnesbian cappy doesn't deserve this

mario maaaaaybe does because of nsmbu deluxe

@lynnesbian @00dani I personally see BSL as a more free license than the gpl

@larrydavis @00dani a script that allows websites to detect adblock and refuse to load if it's present

@lynnesbian I don't recognize the Free Good logo ?

And I've laught at the mixed evil :P
Why is Teamviewer mixed ? I thought it was fully proprietary


@PhieLaidMignon @lynnesbian the free good logo is lynne's previous avi!! she's free good and i lov her

@PhieLaidMignon @00dani
qt is available under a free or a commercial license, so it's kinda both, although the free license is very restrictive and pushes the boundaries of libre software

@PhieLaidMignon @00dani
the post i was replying to said i was "free good" so i put one of my profile pictures in there ;3

and you're right, i just couldn't really think of anything to put there... maybe java...?

@lynnesbian @NightRose wait a second, rar isn't an open format??? disgusting

@lynnesbian @NightRose hmm you know what, rar isn't good any more. it's not even as good as the public domain compression/archive formats

swap it with odyssey imho :blobcatsip:

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