just deleted twitter
not my account, like, the whole thing
the concept of twitter. it's gone

@lynnesbian did you turn him into an ebooks bot lynne.


@lynnesbian Thank you for taking out the trash like this.

@lynnesbian And once again

The day is saved

Thanks to: Getting rid of... what were we getting rid of again?

@lynnesbian [note: the word in the title of the reddit thread is a mistake, not an intentionally-used slur]

@lynnesbian for the record, that tweet is from the same person who made the roller beetle racing rewards, which includes the scarf all my characters are wearing

twitter = None
facebook = None
google = None

while True:
if twitter or facebook or google:
twitter = facebook = google = None

>the fediverse was inspired by twitter
I don't feel so good.

@lynnesbian this is a strong first step towards my career-long goal of finding the big knife switch that controls the internet and flipping it to the "off" position

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