okay i've decided that i'm turning off all of the free ebooks bots (that i host) in 72 hours. for the 5.5% of you who pay for yours, nothing will change, except they might reply a bit faster.

so what are your options? well:
- you can do nothing, and have them disappear. i'll be able to restore them if you decide to pay later.
- you can host it yourself. i'll give you the login credentials and the necessary files.
- you can find someone else to host if for you, either for less money or for free. i'm sure someone else is willing to do this for you.

here's a link to the tutorial on hosting the bot yourself: cloud.lynnesbian.space/s/jozbR

oh and here's a link to my patreon oops

it's $2.50/mo for an ebooks bot

pre-emptive responses to all the angry screaming i'm gonna get, in Q&A form 

the image on the left is a screenshot every single free ebooks bot. on the right is every single paid ebooks bot.

the americans are gonna be real happy to wake up to this

heads up: the free ebooks bots are being shut down in around 60 hours. this only applies to the bots i host, and not any hosted by other people.

if you'd like your ebooks bot to stay up, you have several options:
- you can pledge the ebooks tier on my patreon: patreon.com/lynnesbian this is US$2.50 per month.
- you can ask me for the bot credentials and files, and host it yourself, using this guide: cloud.lynnesbian.space/s/jozbR
- you can ask around and see if anyone would like to host your bot for you

thank you for understanding

to quote the ebooks tier:

Your own ebooks bot. If you'd like an ebooks bot for free, you'll need to either host it yourself or get ask else to host it for you. I'll keep all the bots updated to the latest version, and unlike the discontinued free service that i used to provide, I'll let you set things like posting frequency, accounts to learn from, whether or not to use CW'd and followers only posts, etc.

this means that you can have your bot follow multiple people. if you want to make a bot that mixes two people's toots, only one of you needs to subscribe c:

reminder: the free ebooks bots hosted by me are disappearing in 46 hours.

if you'd like to keep yours, either:
a) pledge the ebooks bot tier ($2.50/mo) on my patreon - patreon.com/lynnesbian
b) follow the guide at cloud.lynnesbian.space/s/jozbR to host it yourself, and ask me for the credentials
c) ask someone to host it for you, and ask me for the credentials

sorry if it seems like i'm spamming, but i don't want people to have a rude shock when their bot disappears in 2 days. thank you for understanding.

reminder - free ebooks bots are disappearing in 14 hours

i must have fucked up the maths somewhere because the deadline was actually 2 hours ago, but this toot says it's not for another 5 hours

i'll do it Soon™ then, so this is your last chance to keep your ebooks bot!


i'm gonna have dinner, make sure all the patreon bots are safe, then remove the free ones

the free ebooks bots are being removed in ~30 minutes. if you'd like to keep yours, please do one of:

a) pledge the $2.50/mo tier on patreon.com/lynnesbian
b) follow this guide to host it yourself: cloud.lynnesbian.space/s/jozbR (you'll need to ask me for your bot's email and password to log in)
c) ask someone else to host it for you (you'll also need to ask me for the credentials for this one)

@lynnesbian Hope it goes well! For now, this squirrel has to go sleepy-peepies. ≡ω≡

Fingers crossed I don't wake up and bots have rebelled and taken over the Fediverse.

@lynnesbian I kinda feel like I need to step in and offer a hosting for some people but:
1. I need to reinstall my server 'cause gentoo on it got literally so old it probably will be unable to compile itself
2. I haven't set up a single bot yet, so I don't know yet how to do it!
3. I want to change my hardware a bit to upgrade to an aarch64 processor...

@lynnesbian is it weird to be proud of you for this

it clearly wasn't easy but i think you needed it

Yo, so, uhhh, you're the one who just makes people bots if they ask right? :p

@lynnesbian @CornishRepublicanArmy yo, so, uhhh, you're the one who just makes girls gay if they ask right?

I will confirm, Lynne has made me significantly more gay, and proud to be queer tbh

@00dani @CornishRepublicanArmy okay dani here u go!! with my magical bune powers...

:sparkles_trans: :bune_full_1:
💫 :bune_full_2: :dizzy_trans:
:blank: :bune_full_3:
u are now gay!!

And how long does this ward against heterosexuality for? At least the weekend right?

Lynne please, cute boys are an all pervasive force that make me go "yo.... but like... what if I was like a super cute girl and he liked me...."

@lynnesbian @00dani
You can be gay for boys ben, the issue here is Lucy very much knows how she feels for boys is very very not gay

@CornishRepublicanArmy @lynnesbian @00dani

maybe lucy just hasn't found the right boys to be gay for yet

@lynnesbian @CornishRepublicanArmy @00dani max duration for a buff is 2^32-1 milliseconds, so you'll need to be close enough to a bune for the AoE to hit you at least once every 1-2 months

Jokes aside, I might just sign up to the patreon. I felt bad before causing you stress if I was to ask for another one on the heap. Also I do kinda use your instance too, which you pay for

@lynnesbian you did the right thing. Lemme know when someone comes complaining about it and I'll personally tell them to shut up

@lynnesbian right but when we getting a dot files for that server welcome? Also it's a nice video I like this. I wish I made edits like that more often. Its a lot of effort and I. Enjoy that. Well done.


so now that the robots are gone

how long until we get to the other three parts of your plan?


@lynnesbian i know this supposed to be somber and all but I can't help but imagine reaper going "die die die" as the bots are stopped

@Jessifir @lynnesbian

I was thinking more of mettaton going "cry cry cry" when he's clearly not sad

@lynnesbian @Jessifir mettaton would have been sad if he had any capacity for emotions whatsoever

@lynnesbian im upset you didn't use "to zanarkand" uwu

also, rip ebooks, you will be missed

@lynnesbian It's probably in your best interest to pay to host it.
$2.50 isn't much, hosting it yourself would cost more since you have to pay for domains, a computer to run it on, and electricity.
So you're actually not asking much.
For me it would be less than lunch for a day

@lynnesbian I'll put some money into your patreon when i get an income because your searx instance is good

@lynnesbian I know, but i want to throw some money your way so i'm not being a freeloader.
I'm probably gonna be throwing money at manjaro and a few other people because I want to at least pay for a coffee a month if I'm using their service.

@lynnesbian I can't right now because i don't even have a Credit Card or a job, but when i do get those, i will definitely give you something.

I use your searx instance because my school doesn't block you and I'm probably the only person in the county that uses it, which means you're under the radar.

Now that i think of it I'm probably the only person on niu or at least the amount can be counted on fingers and toes.

@lynnesbian Seriously, though, it's not often I'm ahead of the times, but for some reason, genuine social-based problems like this is one of them.

And it's incredibly weird. I'm so socially awkward myself, yet I can foresee stuff like this for other people.

@lynnesbian this is super sweet tbh, only downside is I couldn't read the text fast enough

@grainloom sorry about that, i wanted to (loosely) sync it to the music

i feel like i just watched the end of the pokémon movie when ash turns to stone and then the pokémon cry and it revives him, you know?

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