what are you even supposed to do to avoid having Too Much Clout

are you supposed to set your account to private when you hit 500 followers and never approve anyone else? are you meant to intentionally post awful things to get people to unfollow you? wtf

@lynnesbian That second one doesnt remove followers it actually just makes all the people following you shitposting demons

@lynnesbian this is what i always wanna ask these people but i don't feel like dealin with annoyin bastards

@lynnesbian I would like to know this. I do not want to have to delete my account again because too many people than the Accepted Number of People like my toots

@lynnesbian You need to revert to being socially awkward and boring/try-hard like the rest of us, which is totally a thing that makes sense and you can do
@lynnesbian People with too much celebrity hasn't so far happened, but if it did I expect they'd start to get blocked or reach some upper limit of tollerance. There have been occasions where I've unfollowed certain people because they were beginning to hog my timeline.

@lynnesbian imo “having clout” and “seeking clout” are two different things. Like, you’re well known around the Fedi because you contribute to this place more than most people, which is a universe away from a twitter bigshot showing up and being like “Only 10 likes? I guess this place is dead”

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