fucking american newsletters with their "good morning, lynne!" bullshit arriving in my inbox at 9pm

"it's 84°" yeah thanks for using the weather unit that is used by one single country

americans have to learn metric because the rest of the world uses it

everyone else has to be at least somewhat familiar with imperial units because the US won't stop using them

i shouldn't have to know how many inchies are in feetsies or how to convert ounces (fluid) to ounces (standard)


frankly we're lucky the US uses arabic numerals and not Freedom Digits

@lynnesbian they do use the imperial system though and that's just as annoying. Thanks to it I still struggle to wrap my head around (km) distances in Australia. Small distances like cm and mm is easier since that was part of American education. I taught myself to read Celsius on my own. Took about 2 months of not checking the Fahrenheit units.

@lynnesbian using victory digits to write down my order for freedom fries

@lynnesbian Writing all my numbers in roman numerals to own the libs

@lynnesbian well I'm starting to think Trump only knows how to count to the middle finger.

@lynnesbian (but Freedom Digits would be perfect to count FREEDOM FRIES !)

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