* voice* 34 year old man living in . fine , great , excellent . fluent in and

* voice* they/them, 24. don't flirt with me. mastodon's most famous poop fucker

* voice* hi! i'm 16, i kin sandy cheeks and the onceler, and i love you! he/him please! let's all be friends! β€οΈπŸ’œβœ¨πŸ’–πŸ’™

@lynnesbian jesus christ lynne, you didn't have to murder so many people

@nuttgodd hmm there's not really enough people on to do that

@lynnesbian * voice*
leftist polyam transbian linux nerd. cute bune. oppressed for being a gamer
not furry/kin

@lynnesbian voice:
plant-loving, cop-hating pansexual anarchist from Western Europe, where the plants are green and the cops are shitty. programmer, crafter & lit major, want to meet nice people who hate cops as much as I do. pronouns: xir / comrade / whatever. (no cops)

@anarchiv @lynnesbian explains why I have quite a lot of mutuals

* voice* we are all connected in the wired uwu~

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