becoming a weaboo but for america. call me lynne-ma'am. let's see your pathetic katana do anything when i lasso it out of your hand, pardner


a heated debate breaks out on the westaboo forum over whether it's soda, pop, or both

my parents are ashamed of me for playing leisure suit larry... they don't understand superior western culture

ClintEastwoodFan96 is disrespecting american culture... i'm challenging him to a duel

tfw your sister wants to watch the spongebob dub but the dub changes "krabby patties" to "sushi rolls"

you think learning to speak american is easy? i've been studying for years. i can watch family guy without subtitles. do you know how many different meanings the word "fuck" has? it can be a noun, a verb, an exclamation... truly, american is a poetic language

did you know americans have their own memes too? i just learned about "dummy thicc"

my friend is obsessed with british "culture". ugh, washminstaboos...

@starwall @lynnesbian i lived in Buffalo for 5 years, where they call it pop. they're all full of shit, as are you

@healyn @lynnesbian fucking meet me at noon and we'll solve this like men, with 6 shooters

@starwall @lynnesbian it's my understanding that when one challenges another to a duel, the one who is challenged chooses the weaponry. i choose butter knives

@healyn @lynnesbian it's true these are the well known rules of living in America that I've known for all of my life

@starwall @healyn @lynnesbian I used to live around Atlanta, Georgia, which is Coca-Cola headquarters. It’s coke. All soft drinks is coke, doesn’t matter what brand.

“Get me a coke.”
“What kind?”

@lynnesbian The most important thing to remember about speaking American is that it's a magazine, not a clip.

@Zero_Democracy @lynnesbian i think magazines are the big bulky things while clips are those strips that hold bullets? so really it depends on what gun theyre shooting up the school with


get them to read "Doctor Mirabilis" by James Blish. fictional life of Roger Bacon, Fransiscan monk, in the 12th century.

still not sure exactly what "swef, swef douce pere" means.

@lynnesbian I already saw it this morning, I fucking lost my shit it's such a good thread.

@lynnesbian i thought the British ones were called Tea-a-boos.

@lynnesbian I recently learned how to use the idiom “big mad”


i'd been studying Burroughs for years before i worked out what "the outraged squawk of the displaced bullhead" was.

turns out a bullhead is a kind of fish.

You ameriboos have nothing on Cykablyat. THAT is truly poetic language.

And the music is of high quality. If you're not stanning R-pop what are you even doing?

I now remember that one Ukrainian dude who was LARPing as a Marine troop. I've lost his account but it was pure gold..

He had American flag and all, Marine gear, airsoft rifles and shit, it was something special.

@lynnesbian getting a declaration of independence wall scroll to hang in my room

@Ttle @lynnesbian hfkdjfjgjgj i forgot that wall scrolls were a thing and had a flashback to my bedroom at 15

potentially problematic bio of a japanese man who's way into America 

OCR Output 

@lynnesbian gonna be the edgelord who remembers the South and calls it Coke

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